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Bedtris has been set up to allow easy customisation of the graphics and music..

the tetris pieces are 16x16 and are named:

piece1.bmp - falling piece
piece2.bmp - falling piece
piece3.bmp - falling piece
piece4.bmp - falling piece
blank.bmp - falling piece
pit.bmp - falling piece

Note: Carefull of the palettes in 256 color mode.

the music is just a midi file: "bedtris.mid"

the sounds are wave files:

bedtris.wav - bonus (4 lines)
drop.wav - spacebar drop
level.wav - level change
lines.wav - got a line

Any customisations are made at the users own risk. No responsibility will be taken for any damage caused. Bedtris must not be distributed with customised resources..