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Beep Industries was a video game developer known for creating Voodoo Vince for the Xbox video game console. Due to competition from other game developers, the company was shut down and all of the staff members went their separate ways in early 2007, according to a fan's website which, unlike many, had somewhat of a connection with the company.

Company history[edit | edit source]

Beep Industries was founded in 2000 by Clayton Kauzlaric. Their first and only console release is a platform game called Voodoo Vince, exclusively for the Xbox. A statement formerly on the company's website says that after Voodoo Vince, "the company went on to enjoy great success as a clearance house for slightly used office furniture and computer equipment. The name and logo were left in a paper cup by the side of the road shortly thereafter. Thanks to the immense talent of our staff, plus the dogged, persistent, never-say-die stupidity of our owner, Beep Industries has clawed its way back and continues to produce some of the finest games ever made in southeast Bothell".

Two years after the release of Voodoo Vince, the company made a series of downloadable PC games, which were released to Gamehouse, Oberon Media (formally Oberon Games) and RealArcade, with Realms of Gold being the last title they ever produced before going out of business.

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