Benji's Space Rescue

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Benji's Space Rescue
Benji Space Rescue.png
Basic Information
Video Game
Commodore International Corporation
Commodore International Corporation
Action, science-fiction
Commodore 64
United Kingdom British Release Date(s)
Commodore 64
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Benji's Space Rescue is an action science-fiction developed by the Commodore 64. It was released in the UK on 1983.

Story[edit | edit source]

As Benji, your mission is to save a number of scientists that are being held by robot drones somewhere in the solar system. Once they are on board, you take them safely back to Earth. This can be done by going into the engine room and selecting the planet of your choice, and you can modify the warp and jump settings to get to the planet faster or slower. When cruising the planet's surface, your ship's alarm will sound if it detects enemy movement. This is followed by the drones chasing you and shooting you with their lasers. While fighting the drones, you can use the keyboard's function keys to either fire torpedoes or phasors.

Also while transporting scientists, you must supply them with rations in order for them to survive. You are constantly running out of fuel, meaning that you need to stock up while orbiting space. Higher ranks have you rescuing more scientists and navigating an asteroid field. You have a specific number of star days to rescue the scientists. If you run out of time or fuel, the game will be over. The higher the rank, the more difficult your rescue mission becomes.