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Beyond Good & Evil

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Initial attack[edit | edit source]

Your shield system failed, and you must defend yourself from the DomZ with a burning stick. Use Template:Mouse to attack, and Template:KbdTemplate:KbdTemplate:KbdTemplate:Kbd to move.

The DomZ will show a blue central glow when they are about to attack. While dodging may work, it is more effective to attack as soon as you see the glow. After a short cutscene, you get trapped but are quickly freed by your companion. Hold Template:Mouse to charge your weapon, and release to stun the monster. Inflict as much damage as possible before the monster recovers. When it recovers, make another charged attack to stun him before he hits you with the beam.

Once you collect the pearl that gets left behind, Alpha Squadron will arrive to claim credit for the monster you destroyed.

The Lighthouse[edit | edit source]

Your next problem is to obtain enough credits to restore the shield and power systems at the lighthouse and workshop. Collect the camera and as explained in the cutscene, take photographs of various animals that you find.

In addition to the credits you receive from animals, you are also given a special payment for every eight pictures. The first eight will provide a digital zoom for your camera, and every further eight will give you a pearl.

The full listing of animals is shown in the Bestiary. Your first picture will be of the bug located in front of you. Press Template:Kbd to enter camera mode, and Template:Mouse to photograph the bug. Once you collect 350 credits from various animals, your power is restored.

Once power is online, collect the items within the Lighthouse, including an Active Principle, the Box of K-bups from Woof, and the various Starkos slices around the lighthouse.

Workshop[edit | edit source]

Head to the workshop to get the MDisk. This is a mission from Mr. De Castellac, where you need to head to the Black Isle. Head down to the hoverboat, push the generator near the boat to recharge it, and use it to exit the area. Since the hoverboat is failing, you will get a tow to the Mammago Garage.

Purchase a replacement speedboat motor, and when ready, leave the garage.

The DomZ will attack again. A Teratosaurus Imperator will arrive and try to attack the fishermen. Shoot at the monster by keeping it within your sites; as it takes damage, segments of its tail will detach.

Black Isle[edit | edit source]

The current route to Black Isle is through the city. Head to the north and enter the cave.

Sidequests[edit | edit source]

Looters Cavern 1[edit | edit source]

Looters Cavern 1 is a sidequest, accessible to the left of the entrance to Hillyan city. It costs 100 credits to enter, but you gain a pearl for racing through the area.

You need to keep up with the looter, avoiding the red beams or objects as you race through. You will also see five doors, which start to close when you pass by a sensor, which sends a yellow spark down to the door. At the end, the looter is cornered and can be destroyed without problem.

Akuma Bar[edit | edit source]

In the pedestrian district, you can obtain some information. In the first room in Akuma's bar, you can get a pass code for a warehouse, within a shed located in the Fountain Square, on the right. Rufus has the passcode to his room written on a piece of paper, you need to use the digital zoom to see it. Use it to collect a pearl.

Two minigames are here, you can get two pearls from the shuffleboard game, and you can gamble at the 3-coconut monty game.

DomZ[edit | edit source]

Scientific name: Teratosaurus Imperator

An extraterrestrial life form that attackes any living creature and absorb that creature's life form.