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Billiards (also known as "Pool") is a table-top game that is commonly played at bars and pubs, or for at-home recreation.

Set Up[edit | edit source]

The game is played on a soft table, with 6 open holes, 4 in the corners, and 2 on the side. One player "racks up" the balls (either 9 or 15) using a triangular rack to try and get the balls to be as even as possible. The other player then sets down his white, un-numbered cue-ball on the table, anywhere below the side pockets and attempts to knock in as many balls as he can on the first try. Depending on the type of game (8-ball or 15-ball), the player goes again if he manages to sink in a ball.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

After the initial shot, players alternate knocking the balls into the pockets. In a standard 8-ball game, players go in order from 1-15 depending on their team, one player will be solids 1-7, and other striped 9-15.