Bill Walsh College Football

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Bill Walsh College Football
Basic Information
Video Game
Electronic Arts
Electronic Arts
College Football
Successor title
Bill Walsh College Football '95
American Football
Game PakGenesis CartridgeCD-ROM
Genesis Controller, Super Nintendo Controller
Genesis, SEGA CD and SNES
Retail Features
Bill Walsh College Football
Play Information
Main Credits
Scott Orr, Kevin Hogan and Jim Simmons
Joel Simmons and Jim Simmons
CanadaUnited StatesMexico North American Release Date(s)
Genesis and SEGA CD
Nintendo Entertainment System
February 1994
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Bill Walsh College Football featured the top twenty-four college football teams from 1992 and twenty-four of the all-time greatest teams since 1978. While no actual players were named and no official team logos used, colleges were listed by city and players identified by number. Play modes include Exhibition, Playoffs and All-Time Playoffs. Sixty-eight classic college plays were available, including the triple option, student body, and wishbone.

Other options and features include automatic or manual-pass catch mode, audibles, reverse angle replay, onside kicks, four weather conditions (fair, windy, rain and snow), three different quarter lengths (5, 10 and 15 minutes) and a hurry-up offense.

The Bill Walsh endorsement was meant to parallel John Madden NFL Football.

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