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Basic Information
Video Game
Jordan Tuzsuzov
Mobile phone, Dreamcast, Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux, Amiga, BeOS and GP2X
Retail Features
Main Credits
Jordan Tuzsuzov
United Nations International Release Date(s)
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Biniax is a series of games, based on the original concept Biniax, first released in 2005. The basic gameplay is:

The player controls single element - one of the 4 possible types. The gaming field (5x7) is filled partially with pairs of elements (like a domino) constructed by two elements out of 4 types. The player can take pair from the field by moving over it, if the pair contains the element of the player. When pair is taken, the player element changes with the rest of the pair. The player can not move over pairs which can not be taken by him. The entire field is scrolling down with some speed with adding new row on the top. The game ends, when no moves of the player are possible.

Current Biniax games are:

- Biniax (released first 2005, now called Biniax Classic) is the first game holding the complete gameplay. Latest version is 1.25 and available platforms till now are Windows, Linux, AmigaOS4, BeOS / Zeta, GP2X, SEGA Dreamcast.

- Biniax Mobile (released first 2005) is exactly the same game as Biniax Classic, but it is coded in J2ME. Latest released version is 1.50 (2007), which supports any screen resolution due to the fact that all graphical elements are rendered by the code and not drawn by hand.

- Biniax-2 (released first Dec.2006) is the sequel of Biniax, featuring better look and feel compared with original - cartoon graphics, wide set of music tracks, animation effects. In addition to original gameplay, in Biniax-2 there are two single player game modes (arcade and tactics) and one multiplayer mode. The gameplay also adds obstacles, clearing of entire column and combo to increase the score. Latest version of Biniax-2 is 1.25 and is available for Windows and Linux.

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