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Basic Information
Location Information
0.91 Earth Atmospheres
5,935 km

Binthu has an atmosphere of carbon dioxide with a permanent haze of toxic chlorine and clouds of sulphur dioxide that periodically drop torrents of acidic rain on the surface. Its crust is mainly composed of sulphur with deposits of calcium.

Like most worlds in the Voyager Cluster, Binthu has only been charted within the last 20 years by Alliance surveyors. It has no known native ecology. Data about the world is surprisingly brief and generic, painting a picture of an unpleasant and uninteresting place.

Note: The Mako can land here. There are deposits of palladium and uranium here. There is a three research facilities here for UNC: Cerberus. A crashed probe can be salvaged here. A Prothean Data Disc can also be salvaged here.