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Basic Information
Video Game
Jumpstart Interactive
Take 2 Interactive
Microsoft Windows
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Biosys is a PC game developed by Jumpstart Interactive and published by Take 2 Interactive.[1]

Released in February 1999, it is a point-and-click adventure which follows the protagonist Professor Alan Russell and is set inside the fictional ecological facility Biosphere Four. Russell awakes in what first appears to be a rainforest but is actually one of four artificial biomes.[2] The player initially has to maintain Russel's survival inside this environment and begin to unravel the mysteries behind this facility and the character's current predicament (Russell is suffering from amnesia).

The game is a combination of a mystery, a puzzle, a survival game, and a simulation.[2] Much of the plot and necessary actions revolve around manipulating the biomes' ecological conditions via control panels (e.g. CO2, rainfall, temperature) with noticeable and profound effect on the conditions of the flora and fauna contained within. The four different biomes are 'rainforest', 'savanna', 'ocean', and 'accelerated evolution'.

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