Black Bravoman

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Black Bravoman (also known as, Black Beraboh,ブラックベラボー) is an enemy in Bravoman.

BM Black Beraboh.gif

This "evil twin" of the game's eponymous main character (who is a palette-swap of him) appears as a boss on the second, fifth, sixth, eighteenth, thirtieth, and thirty-second stages of the game; on the first six occasions he will take six hits to defeat and speak the Hiragana text Oboe tero. (おぼえてろ.) to Beraboh Man once he has registered them all, but on that seventh and final occasion he takes twenty-eight. After Beraboh Man has registered the final hit on him, he will speak the Katakana/Hiragana text of Bakuda hakase ha tegowai zo! POW wo sazukeru. Sarabada! (バクダはかせはてごわいぞ! POWをさずける さらばだ!) to him before giving him five Onigiri energy bonuses to aid him in the final battle with Dr. Bakuda - and on all seven occasions, he is worth 2000 points. He is also teamed up with Zortan for that eighteenth stage, and a third pair of Kaname for that thirtieth one.