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Created by Ethan Petty and Icer Addis, the Bloodlust Software Universe is the fictional shared setting where all of the video games published by Bloodlust Software take place. Since most of the characters in the universe have a knowledge of each other, each game should not be considered its own universe, but instead adds to the lore of the universe itself. In fact, many characters in the universe such as Cannibal Ed Bujone, Guillotine, and Buddy Tardinski have appeared in various games, settings, and situations. Exceptions to this rule include O' Sirus the Snip whose adventures have yet to take him outside of the Goblin Realm.

The Bloodlust Software Universe is one of the few (if not the only) fictional universes that includes major plotlines involving the mentally retarded, midgets, cannibalism, and nearly aborted babies. Couple this with excessive gore and the end result is an exaggerated, tongue-in-cheek reflection of our own reality.

It is also worth noting that time travel was introduced to the universe in Timeslaughter. Due to this addition no one in the universe can ever truly be considered dead, even though a few of the characters have tasted death via natural or unnatural means.

Influences of the Bloodlust Software Universe include, but are not limited to: Troma films, Final Fight, GWAR, and the Hellraiser series.

Characters (in alphabetical order)[edit | edit source]

File:BLS Universe.gif
Many of the major characters of the Bloodlust Software Universe

(This list is incomplete)

Almost Man[edit | edit source]

Almost Man has only appeared in Executioners.

  • About Almost Man
When Cannibal Ed began experimenting with Atomic Food products one of his first attempts lead to near-mutant perfection: the Almost Man. Looking on the surface to be completely human his foes are taken by surprise when he attacks with superhuman strength and speed. Subsequent efforts to duplicate this success would fail, leading Ed to create the mutant horde that would become his army.
  • Trivia
Though mutant by nature, Almost Man doesn't seem to possess any "mutant powers". Instead, he attacks with more traditional weapons: a platinum boomerang, spiked brass knuckles, and sheer brute force.

Asylum[edit | edit source]

Buddy Tardinski[edit | edit source]

Buttliqua[edit | edit source]

Cannibal Ed Bujone[edit | edit source]

Cannibal Ed Bujone has appeared in Executioners, Nogginknockers 2 and SADO. He will also be a playable character in Timeslaughter II

  • About Cannibal Ed Bujone
Ed Bujone was born to Cajun parents deep in the Louisiana swamps. His father was the first to teach him about the art of cooking, but Ed's need for new ingredients caused him to experiment with cannibalism. After about a decade, Ed had perfected his greatest meal: all-you-can-eat-chili. Ed's fast food chains quickly grew in popularity, and eventually Ed was able to fund the Atomic Foods Corporation with the profits. Nobody realized the two main ingredients in atomic foods were human meat and toxic waste until the public began to mutate into hideous mind-controlled mutants. The government sent out Government Project: Executioners (Guillotine and Reaper to bring down Ed's many branches of Atomic Foods, and eventually Ed had to explode himself (and his company) to destroy them. This was not the end of the fast-food führer - Ed was wearing his explosion-proof apron, and was able to survive the blast. His revenge on the Executioners took place in a French restaurant - he ambushed them and cut them into tiny pieces. Ed is now hiding from Stumpy and the Great Midget Rebellion (who want him for midget slavery and founding the Nationwide Midget Emporium), Unther & Renthor and the New Mutant Army (who want him for abandoning them after the atomic foods incident), and from the Executioners. It is rumored that Ed is now in Japan studying the art of human sushi...
  • Trivia
Cannibal Ed was originally created in Ethan Petty's elementary school as a way to pass time. He would draw large, detailed plans for Ed's machines - often involving conveyor belts with humans on them being fed through grinders and ejected through meat pumps (onto hamburgers). Of course, the top level of the plan always looked like an innocent burger restaurant.
The all-you-can-eat chili phrase was first spoken by a Cajun employee at a real fast food chain who would not let the founders of Bloodlust order the food they wanted. She kept telling them they needed the AYCEC badly, and that they looked like "growing chili boys."
The many branches of Ed's Atomic Food Products can be seen in Executioners - you can see Ed himself running many of the stores in the background, and in Timeslaughter, you'll see graffiti telling you to "Eat at Ed's."

Chi[edit | edit source]

The Chicken Monster[edit | edit source]

The Chicken Monster has only appeared in Executioners.

  • About The Chicken Monster
Appearing to be male in some ways and female in others, the Chicken Monster is a thing of grotesque beauty. The true origin of this beast is unknown, but it is assumed to be result of Cannibal Ed's mutated food supply. (Too much Atomic Fried Chicken, perhaps?) It is also unknown if more Chicken Monsters exist or this specimen was a fluke in mutant evolution. Despite its large size the Chicken Monster is extremely agile and can leap to extraordinary heights.
A true narcissist, The Chicken Monster spends most of its time at the beach showing off its "hot" body.
  • Trivia
The Chicken Monster is responsible for "birthing" some, if not all, of the Vemug population.

The Clobber Twins and The Slobber Twins[edit | edit source]

The Clobber Twins and The Slobber Twins have only appeared in Executioners.

  • About the Clobbers and the Slobbers
When Cannibal Ed caught wind that the Executioners had made the Atomic Foods Corporation their next target he hired some extra protection in the form of the biggest and dumbest thugs he could find: The Clobber Twins and The Slobber Twins. Originally rival tag teams in the Atomic Wresting Federation the money Ed offered them was enough to set aside their differences and focus on pounding someone new -- Reaper and Guillotine. Ed soon found out that his money was well spent; no matter how many times these guys are put down they keep coming back for more punishment.
  • Trivia
Before they made the jump to the GWF, Hammer and Nails managed to defeat all four of the Slobber/Clobber twins in a triple-threat-losers-retire-tag-team-cage-match, making the money Ed presented them hard to resist.
During their time in the AWF both sets of twins perfected the dropkick reversal. It’s useless to jump towards them!
The Clobbers and The Slobbers are only non-mutants enlisted in Ed's army.
The Clobbers bear a striking resemblance to Hulk Hogan.

Dog O' War[edit | edit source]

The Dogs O' War have only appeared in Executioners.

  • About Dogs O' War
The Dogs O' War are the cutest members of midgetkind. But that's one of their best tricks - these little guys are ravenous. Originally, the Dogs O' War were created by Cannibal Ed to fight in the Atomic Foods army. When the Executioners defeated Ed, the Dogs went looking for a new master. Stumpy, leader of the Great Midget Rebellion, quickly adopted them into his group. While they are still treated like pets by the other midgets, they are subjected to much better living conditions than they were at Ed's Nationwide Midget Emporium. It is rumored that Stumpy is using William (Portal) Spade's dimensional travel technology to summon the Dogs O' War in mid-combat.
  • Trivia
Dogs O' War have appeared in sketches for Lust for Blood.
Dogs O' War would make this high pitch screaming noise in Executioners that drove cats crazy. Sit your house cat next to the computer, play the Nationwide Midget Emporium level in Executioners, and watch that kitty go bonkers!

Drag Hag[edit | edit source]

Drag Hags are a species of characters in the Bloodlust Software Universe. They have only appeared in Executioners.

  • About Drag Hags
When Cannibal Ed was designing his enforcer mutants, he carefully planned which animals would mix the most effectively with humans. He didn't take into consideration the dangers of mixing a male human with a female fox. The result was an army of Drag Hags - dangerous womanly men with slutty women's wardrobes and bushy tails. They're only 10% woman, but they are definitely 90% bitch. After the Executioners destroyed Atomic Foods, most of the Drag Hags went on the join boy bands (they can easily pass for girly men), and one particularly successful Drag Hag went on to become a sissy white-boy rapper with a #1 Hit, "Forgot about Ed".
  • Trivia
Drag Hags were originally supposed to be women, but due to lack of art skill at the time they were dubbed drag queens.
The voice of the Drag Hags (as well as the flight attendant on the plane during a cutscene) were done by Ethan Petty's mother, Sheila Petty.

Fishman[edit | edit source]

The Fishmen have appeared in Executioners and were one of Unther and Renthor's special attacks in Nogginknockers X: The Duel.

  • About the Fishmen

Fishmen were a step above the normal enforcer mutant breed of Cannibal Ed's army. They didn't care about any of their brethren; they just ran in and destroyed anything that moved. The Fishmen are incredibly agile, and their arms end in long, sharp fins (less evolved Fishmen still have a few fingers). Don't let the fact that they look like seafood throw you off, these guys are just as dangerous above water as below it. Cannibal Ed was the only person who could convince the Fishmen to work towards his cause, and now that he's missing they have become extremely dangerous. Unther and Renthor employ them in the New Mutant Army, but keep them chained up until the battle starts. Like hand grenades, they are unlocked and thrown towards the enemy while the NMA runs for cover.

Fishmen are a race of "men" that live under the sea but they can also come on land for a while but not too long. They come up to feed on small children and small mammals. They live for approx.7 years. They come in a variation of different colours including blue, red , green , pink and indigo. They can often be seen at night whilst hunting for prey they are quite shy and will run if approached although it has been known for some to attack and even Kill!
The fishmen are well educated and can speak 7 different languages and perform advanced calculations beyond the means of man they have invented many things such as computers, various weapons and the cat they have also been known to work for Microsoft developing software.
  • Trivia
Fishmen (as well as several other mutant thugs in Executioners) had blue jeans and tennis shoes for legs to make animation easier. The Fishmen's graphics were just torsos slapped onto the shared thug set of legs.
The fact that Fishmen made progressing through Executioners very, very slow led to the infamous "hellbentdeathspew" codes to help Bloodlust Software play-test the game.

Guillotine[edit | edit source]

Guillotine has appeared in Executioners, and has cameo appearances in Nogginknockers and Nogginknockers 2. He will also be a playable character in Timeslaughter II

  • About Guillotine
Best described as an almost legally retarded, axe-loving cyborg wearing a skull mask, Guillotine is part of Government Project: Executioners. In Executioners he and Reaper took on Cannibal Ed and an army of mutants and midgets in an all out war against the Atomic Food Corporation.
Guillotine's appearance has changed quite a bit from game to game, but that can best be attributed to the many upgrades the government has given him over the years. Since he is a cyborg he can be considered immortal and is known to still be alive in the year 3000.
When Guillotine isn't on a mission for the government he enjoys performing do-it-yourself amputations and is quite active in the fight to preserve the world's rainforests.
  • Vitals
Height: 6'9"
Weight: 275 lb
  • Trivia
Guillotine's head from Nogginknockers 2 was pasted on Savage's body to produce Ravage for the game Timeslaughter.
  • Gallery
Screenshots of Guillotine in Executioners

Hellbent Deathspew[edit | edit source]

Hemogoblin[edit | edit source]

Hemogoblins have only appeared in Executioners.

  • About Hemogoblins
Hemogoblins were the smartest of Cannibal Ed's enforcer mutants. Curiously, they don't seem to protect their superior brains very well - in fact they stretch their long, muscled necks to ram their skulls into the enemy. The Hemogoblin has a shell-like skin, usually colored blood red, hence their nickname. The Executioners were able to wipe out most of the mutants during the Atomic Foods incident, but very few Hemogoblins were destroyed. While the other mutants were out in glorious battle, most of the Hemogoblins were already on planes flying to other countries. It is rumored that there is a huge Hemogoblin population in Sweden.
  • Trivia
Hemogoblins (as well as several other mutant thugs in Executioners) had blue jeans and tennis shoes for legs to make animation easier. The Hemogoblins' graphics were just torsos slapped onto the shared thug set of legs.
Reaper and Guillotine abuse a "prototype" version of a Hemogoblin in a cut scene after completing level seven (The Mutant Express) in Executioners.

Igmu[edit | edit source]

The Igmu have appeared in only Executioners.

  • About the Igmu
Igmu were the dumbest of Cannibal Ed's enforcer mutants. They were pointed towards the enemy, and they attacked. With no idea how to fight, and no idea why they were fighting, the Executioners had no problem dealing with them. Igmu did have needle-like teeth and claws, and when they did manage to hit the enemy, it hurt - but they rarely managed to connect. It is estimated that Reaper and Guillotine killed about 2,000 Igmu - the entire population. Good riddance to stupid mutants.
  • Trivia
The Igmu are now extinct.
Igmu (as well as several other mutant thugs in Executioners) had blue jeans and tennis shoes for legs to make animation easier. The Igmus' graphics were just torsos slapped onto the shared thug set of legs.
Igmu were the first generic "thugs" used to test Executioners. Unfortunately, as with all the graphics and animations in the game, they never evolved any.

Jinsoku[edit | edit source]

Klubbor[edit | edit source]

Lazarus[edit | edit source]

Lenny[edit | edit source]

Manrantula[edit | edit source]

The Manrantula has only appeared in Executioners.

  • About The Manrantula
Considered to be more monster than mutant by many, the Manrantula lurks in Breakneck Cave waiting to devour anyone who steps foot inside the cave. By unknown means Cannibal Ed befriended/enslaved this beast and stashed his illegal weapons near its nest. Guarding these weapons in dank places where most mutants would be blind, the Manrantula is an integral part of Ed's plot to take over the world.
  • Trivia
Manrantula is a portmanteau of man and tarantula.

The Megamidget[edit | edit source]

The Megamidget is the name of a boss that appears in Executioners. Megamidgets are a species of characters.

  • About Megamidgets
Essentially just a larger supermidget {they still sport a cape, a fedora, the ability of flight, and love to yell "Midget Power!"} with a little more punch. Megamidgets love the air just as much as their smaller counterparts, but aren't afraid to go toe-to-toe on the ground. Megamidgets usually travel with a large posse of supermidgets who attack in waves to disorient the enemy and leave them open for a divebomb attack Megamidget style.
After the fall of Atomic Foods Corporation the Megamidgets defected to Stumpy's Great Midget Rebellion.
  • Trivia
Megamidgets have appeared in sketches for Lust for Blood.
Megamidgets were midgets who were given a growth serum making them pure of blood. Rightly so, they hate to be called "midget posers" by those who misunderstand them.
Megamidgets are only surpassed by Gonzales the Wonder Midget in terms of ability.

Midget Mounty[edit | edit source]

The Midget Mounty has only appeared in Executioners.

  • About the Midget Mounty
The Midget Mounty is an armored midget who rides an evolved Fishman in to battle and guards the entrance to Breakneck Cave. If knocked from the back of his pet he defends himself by swinging sais.
  • Trivia
The Midget Mounty is the only midget you can not chuck in Executioners.
The Appalachian Devastation boss fight is the only time during Executioners that you have to defeat two boss characters to proceed to the next level.

Mojumbo[edit | edit source]

Mr. Mojo[edit | edit source]

Mr. Mojo has only appeared in Executioners.

  • About Mr. Mojo
Mr. Mojo believes in voodoo and thinks you should too. He loves to dish out a healthy beating from a safe distance and watch his opponent suffer at the same time, making him quite an adversary. Anyone brave enough to take him on in a street fight walks away a true believer in the dark arts after experiencing a supernatural piledriver, a stab to the heart via a custom made voodoo doll, or if they get too close, they might just find themselves roasted by some fiery voodoo breath.
  • Trivia
Mr. Mojo is the only boss besides Cannibal Ed Bujone who makes an appearance before you actually fight him. You can see him in the window of Mr. Mojo's Souvenirs.

Mr. Tripps[edit | edit source]

O' Sirus the Snip[edit | edit source]

Pierre[edit | edit source]

Portal[edit | edit source]

Ramhole[edit | edit source]

Ramholes have only appeared in Executioners.

  • About Ramholes
One of the enforcer mutants created during the rise of Cannibal Ed's Atomic Foods Corporation. Half ram, Half Asshole, this breed of mutant was very effective in crowd control. The Executioners were able to kill off all but one of the Ramholes, but the one they missed happened to be the meanest, nastiest ramhole of them all. In fact, he's *such* an asshole, he's taken the name "Ramhole" as his own. Ramhole was last seen signing up for the New Mutant Army at Freddy the Fork's Mutant Bar.
  • Trivia
Ramhole (as well as several other mutant thugs in Executioners) had blue jeans and tennis shoes for legs to make animation easier. Ramhole's graphics were just a torso slapped onto the shared thug set of legs.
Ramhole's colors were not originally the dull grey skin and orange beard, but some sort of color glitch forced him into that state. Bloodlust Software liked the color scheme and never tried to change it.

Ravage[edit | edit source]

Ravage has only appeared in Timeslaughter as a secret character.

  • About Ravage
Not much is known about Ravage except that he is an altered version of Savage, the Surgeon is responsible for his appearance, and according to end match quotes he claims be a Takar convert. It is unknown at this point if Ravage willingly sought to be rebuilt by the Surgeon, but as a Takar Ravage is stronger than he previously was as Savage and uses foul language far less than he originally did.
Ravage's storyline has yet to be developed beyond this point. Due to this and the fact that Ethan Petty himself referred to Ravage as a "blatant plug" for Nogginknockers 2 it is likely that he may not resurface in future Bloodlust Software games.
  • Trivia
Code to use Ravage: At the select screen, move the cursor to Mojumbo and press: Down, Down, Right, Down, Down, Right, Down, Up, Right, Down.
Both Ravage and the Timeslaughter version of Buddy Tardinski are the result of what can dotingly be called "coder art" as Icer Addis slightly modified two of Ethan Petty's completed sprites to create them.
Ravage is a mix of three Bloodlust Software characters -- he has Savage's body, Guillotine's head, and is armed with the ball from Nogginknockers 2.
  • Slaughter Move
Ravage does not appear to have a Slaughter Move.

Reaper[edit | edit source]

Reaper has appeared in Executioners and will have a cameo appearance in Timeslaughter II

  • About Reaper
Reaper is part of Government Project: Executioners. In Executioners he and Guillotine took on Cannibal Ed and an army of mutants and midgets in an all out war against the Atomic Food Corporation.
Reaper enjoys spleen collecting and midget tossing -- two hobbies that are sustained by his role as an Executioner.
  • Vitals
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 180 lb
  • Screenshots of Reaper in Executioners

Roadkill[edit | edit source]

Roadkill has appeared in Executioners and will also be a playable character in Timeslaughter II.

  • About Roadkill
To date Roadkill has been run over 666 times by various vehicles, but somehow he just keeps breathing. Every bone has been smashed and every organ ruptured to the point where he can easily detach his own body parts and use them as weapons.
Forever cursed to be on the receiving end of a game of Death Race, Roadkill sees only two ways to escape his personal hell; he'll either hunt down someone strong enough to kill him or find the means to warp to the past before any forms of transportation were created to break his curse.

Savage[edit | edit source]

Shitman[edit | edit source]

Shr(imp)[edit | edit source]

Shr(imp) has only appeared in SADO.

  • About Shr(imp)
Little is known about Shr(imp) expect that he's an imp from Hell who hates being mistaken for a midget. Shr(imp) exhibits the ability to use Hellfire as a means of mobility and will quite frequently run over anything in his path without thinking twice about it. It is also worth noting that Shr(imp) is rumored to be plotting to steal the top hat of Lord Hellbent Deathspew.
  • Vitals
Height: 4'
  • Trivia
Shr(imp) has yet to make a second appearance or cameo in the Bloodlust Software Universe. SADO is the one and only place you can find him!

Smegma[edit | edit source]

Spice[edit | edit source]

Staine[edit | edit source]

Stumpy[edit | edit source]

Supermidget[edit | edit source]

Supermidgets have appeared in Executioners and also had a cameo appearance in Timeslaughter.

  • About Supermidgets
Armed with a cape, a fedora, and the ability of flight Supermidgets were the air force of Ed's midget militia. Supermidgets aren't much on surprise tactics; they give a battle cry of "Midget Power!" before launching an attack, virtually destroying all chances of sneaking up behind their enemies. Instead they prefer attacking in large numbers hoping to overpower any "tallist" they encounter.
After the fall of Atomic Foods Corporation the Supermidgets defected to Stumpy's Great Midget Rebellion, where perhaps he might teach them the art of stealth.
  • Trivia
You can make short work of Supermidgets by chucking them, don't waste time kicking or punching them.
Supermidgets are near the bottom rung of midget force, surpassed by Megamidgets and the unique Gonzales the Wonder Midget. Only the Dogs O' War are ranked below them.

Titlicka[edit | edit source]

Ug[edit | edit source]

Unther and Renthor[edit | edit source]

Vemug[edit | edit source]

The Vemug have only appeared in Executioners.

  • About the Vemug
One of the enforcer mutants created during the rise of Cannibal Ed's Atomic Foods Corporation. Vemug are very slow, stupid creatures but they make up for it with their strange abilities. They can puff out their fat ripples instantly, and often do so as a warning sign to potential enemies. The fat bulge can be used as a powerful bludgeon attack or as a defense mechanism. The Vemug also possesses a razor-sharp, forked tongue which can stretch about five feet. Vemug are usually found in dark, damp areas, rarely associating with other mutants unless forced to do so. Many Vemug survived the Executioners' assault on atomic foods, and now live in Breakneck Cave.
  • Trivia
Vemug (as well as several other mutant thugs in Executioners) had blue jeans and tennis shoes for legs to make animation easier. Vemug's graphics were just a torso slapped onto the shared thug set of :The Chicken Monster is responsible for "birthing" some, if not all, of the Vemug population.
Vemug originally had a huge, poofy hairdo which was deemed too silly and removed.
Vemug have forked tongues. Fetus has a forked tongue. Fetus doesn't know who his father is. Hmm...
Throwing a Vemug in Executioners does huge damage to whomever they hit.

Vlad[edit | edit source]

The Wireman[edit | edit source]