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Boffo Games
Basic Information
Basic Information
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Key People
Steve Meretzky
Mike Dornbrook
Leo DaCosta

Boffo Games was a short-lived computer games developer founded in 1994 by Steve Meretzky, Mike Dornbrook, and Leo DaCosta. The logo was designed by Gayle Syska, formerly of Infocom. Only two games, Hodj 'n' Podj and The Space Bar, were produced by Boffo before the studio closed its doors in 1997. Hodj 'n' Podj was originally designed for Media Vision but they divested all of their multimedia interests following a securities fraud scandal and the title was purchased by Virgin Interactive. The Space Bar was originally to be published by Rocket Science Games (RSG) but SegaSoft bought out RSG and became the game's publisher.

The official Boffo Games web page is still in existence, but Steve Meretzky now maintains it as his personal site. Information about Boffo and its games can still be found on the site.

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