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Bohemia Interactive Studio
Basic Information
Company Type
Video game developer
Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis, ArmA: Armed Assault, ARMA 2
Video games
Key People
Marek Španěl (CEO), Ondřej Španěl

Bohemia Interactive Studio (BIS) is an independent computer and console game developer based in Prague, the Czech Republic. BIS currently employs over 30 game developers in their Prague based research and development studio. The company is managed by Marek Španěl, who is also co-owner of the company.

BIS as a member of IDEA games, who functions as a publisher and consultant for several independent developers.

Operation Flashpoint[edit | edit source]

The release of Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis in 2001 into the international market won BIS several prestigious awards. At London's ECTS show of 2001, BIS won the "Best PC Game Developer of the Year" award. In addition, BIS was also awarded "Rookie Studio of the Year" at GDC 2002.

The debut game of BIS, published by Codemasters, immediately became the top selling game in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Australia, Czech Republic and other countries. After this success BIS prepared a special US version of the game which launched in September 2001 and it also became one of the best selling games in the USA.

After OFP was released, the official expansion packs came onto the game market, officially titled Red Hammer and Resistance which brought significant engine updates. The development team continued (until 2005) to support the game with regularly released upgrades and patches over the Internet.

An Xbox version of Operation Flashpoint containing both original and the resistance campaign was released in November 2005. It was released under the name Operation Flashpoint: Elite.

Games/expansion packs[edit | edit source]

Upcoming games[edit | edit source]

Bohemia Interactive Australia[edit | edit source]

The spinoff studio Bohemia Interactive Australia (BIA) was formed by BIS and David Lagettie, where joint development of a special military training simulation program, VBS1, began in December 2001. After thorough testing and field use (in cooperation with United States Marine Corps), VBS1 was made available in the fall of 2002 for qualified government clients and military organizations. On May 21, 2004, VBS1 underwent limited public distribution. On August 14, 2004 it was released for North America; distribution was handled by Coalescent Technologies.

Developed training programs[edit | edit source]

  • VBS1 (Windows) - November 2006 - 2002, 2004 (worldwide)
  • VBS2 (Windows) - April 2007 (worldwide)

Services for professionals[edit | edit source]

The studio operates its own Motion capture setup provided by technology leading Vicon, Vivid-900 3D scanner by Minolta and RED One camera with complete set of lenses, lighting and related computer equipment.

The technology is available for hire and was used in various in-house and external projects (e.g. Wanted, Universe at War: Earth Assault).

Also, BI offers output data from its unique LINDA, highly sophisticated software used to generate 3D models of trees and bushes specifically adjusted for real-time simulations and games (each model includes multiple levels of detail, LOD).

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