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Bolt Creative
Basic Information
Basic Information
Games for video game consoles and Apple inc, appstore
Computer and video game industry
Key People
Dave Castelnuovo, Allan Dye

Bolt Creative is a developer and publisher of video games based in San Francisco, United States.[1] It was founded in 2001 by Dave Castelnuovo and Andrew Donley as a flash development studio. In October 2008 the company decided to start publishing games for the iPhone and iPod Touch[2]

iPod Touch and iPhone Apps[edit | edit source]

Game Programmer Designer
FWARP! Dave Castelnuovo Allan Dye
Slinky Inc Dave Castelnuovo Stas Udotov
Pocket God Dave Castelnuovo Allan Dye
The Jackie Button Dave Castelnuovo Stas Udotov
I'm a PC Dave Castelnuovo

Online Games[edit | edit source]

  • Wheel of Fortune Online, developed by Bolt Creative and published by Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment.[3]

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