Bomberman: Panic Bomber

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Bomberman: Panic Bomber
BombermanPanicBomber frontcover.jpg
Front cover of Bomberman: Panic Bomber for the TurboGrafx CD, the first version.
Basic Information
Video Game
Hudson Soft
Hudson Soft
PC-Engine, Virtual Boy, Super Famicom, PlayStation Portable, Neo Geo, Sharp X68000 and FM Towns
Virtual Console
Wii and Wii U
Retail Features
Bomberman: Panic Bomber
Japan Japanese Release Date(s)
December 221994
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Bomberman: Panic Bomber (ボンバーマン ぱにっくボンバー?) is a 1994 puzzle video game developed and published by Hudson Soft for the TurboGrafx CD on December 22, 1994.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

It is a "falling blocks" puzzle game based on the Bomberman franchise. The goal of the game is essentially to cause your opponent to lose by causing their gameplay field to fill to the top with objects. You do this by causing chains of bombs to explode, sending useless rubble over to your opponent's field, which they must then remove themselves. Bombs are earned by causing chains of three identical blocks to disappear. Bombs can only be blown up with an explosion from a lit bomb, which falls from the top of the screen every so often. If the player causes enough damage, they can eventually earn a giant bomb, which will remove a large amount of debris from the playing field, and cause their opponent a good deal of trouble.

The game's regular story mode revolves around Bomberman's hunt for the Golden Bomber statue. During his trek, he fights against several different odd characters, like Drifty the balloon, or Cecil the tiger. However, all that can really be earned from playing through this mode is a harder difficulty level, earned by finishing the entire story at the "hard" difficulty level. The player's progress is saved by a password system.

Ports and related releases[edit | edit source]

File:Panic Bomber for Virtual Boy, Front Cover.jpg
Front cover of North American Virtual Boy version.

Panic Bomber was ported to the Neo Geo, Virtual Boy (known in Japan as Tobidase! Panibon (とびだせ!ぱにボン?) and known in North America simply as Panic Bomber), Super Famicom (known in Japan as Super Bomberman: Panic Bomber W (スーパーボンバーマン ぱにっくボンバーW?)), and PlayStation Portable. It was also included in the Nintendo GameCube and PlayStation 2 versions of Bomberman Land 2.

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