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Basic Information
The Legend of Zelda

Link's Boomerang is an item that appears in a most games in The Legend of Zelda franchise. Its longer ranged, red upgrade is called the Magic Boomerang, and its recent whirlwind-creating update is called the Gale Boomerang. It works the same way a real boomerang works. When thrown, the Boomerang will return to Link (unlike a real boomerang, however, it will return to him no matter what, even if he moves out of the way). It can also be thrown at enemies to stun them, and in most games can be used to pick up small power up items and rupees.

Just about every enemy in The Legend of Zelda franchise is either immune to, or only stunned by, a hit from the boomerang. Two consistent exceptions are Keese and Gels, which can be killed with one hit of the boomerang. It is fatal to the Boka Baba plant monsters in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. It's also the only way to kill Sparks, which turn into fairies.

In many Zelda games the boomerang is optional, yet extremely useful. Most puzzles that can be solved with the boomerang can be solved another way. Many gamers will play through the game without getting the boomerang or other optional items on a bare bones quest.

However, some puzzles do require the boomerang for its unique abilities. In Wind Waker, the boomerang gains the function of targeting up to five objects at once, which is sometimes necessary for activating five crystal switches in quick succession. In Four Swords Adventures, the boomerang's ability to remain hovering in the air while Link moves can be exploited to hit otherwise unreachable objects.

The Boomerang is also used by Goriya; these monsters appeared in most of the early Zelda games.

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