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Basic Information
SpaceToad, Sengir, Krapht, Asie
Minecraft: Java Edition
Minecraft Mod Public License 1.0
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Minecraft Forge
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BuildCraft is a modular modification for Minecraft originally created by SpaceToad and now maintained by Sir Sengir and Krapht. BuildCraft introduces ways to transport items and liquids, as well as generate and transport power. This is in addition to it's ability to help automate crafting and construction.

BuildCraft under 1.2.5 was modular, which meant that the the player could choose which submods s/he wanted to install. BuildCraft test releases for 1.3.2 and 1.4.2, and the final releases for 1.4.5 came as one mod file, as have releases since then.

As of 3.4.2, BuildCraft now has it's own Creative Tab for indexing its items.

As of BuildCraft 7.x.x, the mod can now again be downloaded as separate modules, but can also still be downloaded as an all-in-one package. BuildCraft has now deprecated the MJ (mega-joules) energy system, in favour of using Redstone Flux (RF).