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General Tips and Strategy[edit | edit source]

1) Drive on the line Almost all straightaways, even head on, can be easily driven through by staying on one of the lines or off to the side. However, you have to watch out for cars changing lanes, because in this game, cars change lanes VERY SLOWLY.

2) Drive in areas no one else can. Crossed off areas, the shoulder, or an empty left turn lane.

3) Find which view you like. I prefer inside view because you can see farther in front of you and your view is not obstructed by your own car. However, opponents' cars can easily block the whole view.

4)Don't drive directly behind opponents. This will block off the entire view and a quick swerve by your enemy may put you right into a car. Especially stay away from the third place car, it will get in the most accidents.

5) Your opponents' difficulties are arranged by position, not by car. The first place starter will be the best racer, regardless of the car.

6) Getting boost (AKA "burn," but I call it boost)

 Boost is rewarded for 5 actions:
  -Near miss(getting very close to other cars without even tapping them)
  -Sliding (sliding through a turn without hitting, or even tapping any cars walls, etc.)	
  -Driving in on coming traffic lane (the longer you drive in it the more boost you receive) 
  -A Burnout (using your entire boost meter without getting in a single accident; this fills the meter half full)
  -Completing a lap with NO accidents (you get lots of boost for this)
Hint: Don't try getting boost by doing near misses on purpose, it's not 

worth it.

7) Using boost. Try to use boost on easy straightaways or after you were slowed down by hitting a wall. It's not worth using boost if you're going to get in an accident. Once you get in an accident, you will loose ALL of your boost. Also, as soon as you push the boost button once, your boost meter will continue to go down for a few more seconds, even if you are not using it by holding it down. BOOST IS NOT THE KEY TO WINNING. It's overrated.

8) Driving in head on traffic. When driving in head on traffic, you must be even more careful for cars changing lanes. The cars on both sides will also do their best to swerve out of the way, but they don't swerve very far, and they usually try this too late. This can become dangerous if you have an opponent if front of you, because if he is on a different line than you are, the other cars will most likely swerve INTO you to get out of your opponents way.

9) Your opponents' accidents. When an opponent in front of you get in an accident, there is almost always a way out, but if it's totally blocked up, DO NOT SLOW DOWN, just try to hit your opponent at full speed. You might as well get an awesome crash out of it. If he caused the accident, you will likely be restarted ahead of him.

10) Neck and Neck. You might and blocking an opening to make your opponent crash by giving him only one way out, but do not sideswipe your opponents, it will only slow you down and it rarely works out for the best.

11) The Lead. NO lead is a safe lead in this game. It seems that trailing opponents get an extra boost as well. Your opponents will RARELY be more than 4 or 5 seconds behind so never get too comfortable. One crash and you could be in last place.

12) Checkpoints. You must make all the checkpoints to get a place. If you miss a checkpoint, you will receive last place, no matter what place you were in. Your opponents have no checkpoint restraints. Never give up on a checkpoint. If you can even see it, (even if you only have 2 or 3 seconds left) go for it. If you have enough speed to roll through it (even after 0 seconds and the Game Over comes up) you will be allowed to continue.

13) Hitting walls can be worse. Sometimes its better to get in an accident than to swerve directly into a wall, or get spun out. This will waste A LOT of time and you wont be able to be restarted and moved farther up the track.

14) Don't try to imitate your opponents. Your opponents have strange ways of navigating traffic a times, filled with abrupt swerves and stupid choices. Follow your own path.

15) Turning. Most 90-degree (or more) turns should be made using a brake slide. This takes a good amount of practice but it is sometimes faster than a regular turn, it looks way cooler, and it gives you boost. For a tight turn apply brakes before turning then, push the direction hard and quickly get back on gas (You might try having your thumb suspended over both buttons so you can switch faster). For a wide turn, hit the brake when you start the turn, and hold it a little longer so you slide farther. After you're about three-quarters through the turn, get back on the gas and regain control. In general, when holding the brake, you have little control of the car, the gas button will give you control back. If your sliding too far you don't need to turn back first, you need to hit the gas and then turn back. Also, to gain more control of your car during turns, tap the gas button repeatedly to gain better control.

16) Driving straight through intersections. Aim for where the crossing cars are, not where they are going. This can be very difficult, but try to think clearly in that split second.

17) Traffic. Traffic will ALWAYS be the same on each individual lap every time you do the race. In other words, traffic changes by lap but not by race. If the track is turned backwards or mixed into a Marathon, the traffic will be completely different. Slight differences will occur depending on timing, because traffic is moving. The farther you are behind, the less traffic there will be. The farther you are ahead the more dangers you will encounter.