Butterfly Garden

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For the garden hobby, see Butterfly gardening.
Butterfly Garden
Basic Information
Video Game
Autonomous Productions
Microsoft Corporation
Life Simulation
Digital Download
Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows and Wii
Xbox Live Arcade, WiiWare
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A screenshot from an early XNA build.

Butterfly Garden is a life simulation game by independent developer Autonomous Productions, revolving around the raising and collecting of butterflies. Initially for the Xbox 360 via Xbox Live Arcade, the developers have promised there will be a PC version and WiiWare version.[1] The game revolves around breeding different butterflies via genetic selection, putting the player in the role of a butterfly, and promises a robust online component, allowing users via their online service (e.g. Xbox Live) to visit other gardens and share rare genes.

The game will cost 800 Microsoft Points ($10 USD).

A "soft", stripped down version of Butterfly Garden was submitted to the 2007 "Dream, Build, Play" XNA Contest, but failed to be a finalist.[2]

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