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Developer(s) Midway[1]
Publisher(s) Midway[1]
Engine Proprietary
status Status Missing
Release date 2000 (NA)
(arcade version) [1]
May 21, 2001 (NA)
September 7, 2001 (EU)
(PlayStation 2 version)
Genre Formula 1/Indy racing[1]
Mode(s) Single-player or multiplayer video game (1-2 players)
Age rating(s) AAMA: Suitable for All Ages
Platform(s) Arcade,[1] PlayStation 2
Arcade system Arcade System Missing
Media Arcade console device
Input Steering wheel
Requirements Requirements Missing
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CART Fury is a 2000 arcade game based on the Champ Car World Series (formerly known then as CART-Championship Auto Racing Teams). It was NOT based on Indy Racing League racing as previously stated in this article. The IRL was a totally separate and rival racing series to CART. and some of its famous drivers like Juan Montoya (1999 series champion from Bogota, Colombia), Michael Andretti (USA) and Christian Fittipaldi (Brazil).[2] The game features the voice of Danny Sullivan, who won the CART championship in 1988. There are six speakers of sound and the game is suitable for all ages. Licensed music by Disturbed and Outkast are used as the official soundtrack of this game.[2]

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The CART cars are incredibly difficult to drive in real life, and that wouldn't work in an arcade setting, so rather than a being a true simulation, CART Fury displays all of the characteristics of an arcade racer.[3]

Twelve race courses (based on actual track locations) are added that are all considered to be either road courses or street courses.[3] Three skill levels (Easy, Medium, and Hard) allow players of all ability levels to compete on equal terms against the AI-controlled opponents.[3] Spectacular crashes, spinouts, speed-draining slides, and tailgating allows players to pretend that they are in the professional open wheel racing circuit. The graphics are smooth and flicker-free thanks to the Zeus architecture. The polygons are well detailed for the era that this game was released in. However, there are no female drivers like Danica Patrick or Ana Beatriz to play as.

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