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Cabal Online

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Most important for the character is skill rank. Higher the rank the better the character will be. Strategy is simple make sure your character has higher skill rank on lower level.

Useful information for beginners Lv 1-10:

Useful keys to be aware of:
"T" Quest Information
"I" Inventory
"O" Option
"K" Skills Information
"C" Character Information

Things to take note of:
1.Press "C", look at your Lv10 Growth Requirement. These are the stats requirement you need at least when you hit Lv10. This is important or else you have to postpone the "Growth Quest" until you have enough stats to meet the requirement.
2.The mini-map "TAB" is useful. The Red Icon that represents Event is important every time you are seeking for a person who give you a new quest or if it were a quest dungeon.
3.There are 3 colonies at the start, you can teleport among them by seeking the Warp Points. The Warp Points refer to the Warp Points within the town and not somewhere on the wild side of the map.
4.Buy the potions you need at the grocers.
5.Look at the equipments at the store to roughly gauge what stats you add in order for you to wear those equipments.