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Call of Duty 3

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Unlockables[edit | edit source]

Call of Duty 3 (360) Achievements
Achievement Point Value Method
Basic Training 5 Complete the introductory training mission in single player.
American Infantryman 20 Complete two missions as American forces in single player.
British Commando 20 Complete two missions as British forces in single player.
Canadian Highlander 10 Complete two missions as Canadian forces in single player.
Polish Tanker 15 Complete two missions as Polish forces in single player.
Won The War 80 Complete single player campaign on any difficulty setting.
Still Ticking 30 Complete any mission without dying or reverting to a checkpoint.
Allergic To Bullets 25 Complete any mission, and avoid being hit by more than 30 bullets.
Conservationist 20 Complete any mission using less than 300 rounds of ammunition.
Close Quarter Combatant 100 Complete any mission without firing a round.
Hot Potato 25 In any mission, return five live grenades.
Rifleman 15 Complete any mission using only rifle-type weapons. (bolt-action)
Assault Trooper 15 Complete any mission using only assault-type weapons. (automatics)
Battlefield Scavenger 15 Complete any mission by using only German weapons.
Purple Heart 5 In single player, die over 20 times in one mission.
Grizzled Veteran 150 Complete the single-player campaign on Veteran difficulty.
Lieutenant 20 In multiplayer, earn 200 points in ranked matches.
Captain 40 In multiplayer, earn 2000 points in ranked matches.
Major 60 In multiplayer, earn 8000 points in ranked matches.
Colonel 80 In multiplayer, earn 20000 points in ranked matches.
General 120 In multiplayer, earn 400000 points in ranked matches.
Supply Officer 15 In multiplayer, supply 20 team members with ammunition in one ranked match.
Doc 30 In multiplayer, revive 10 teammates in one ranked match.
A War Hero 30 In multiplayer, in War game type, capture the last checkpoint in a ranked match.
Victory Medal 30 In multiplayer, be the highest scoring player and be on the winning team in a ranked match.