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Basic Information
Location Information
1.85 Earth Atmospheres
4,866 km

Population: 2,865,000 (All pop. estimates are pre-invasion)

Camala is a relatively small but eezo-rich garden world recently colonized by the batarians. In an unusually open gesture, the batarians allowed immigration of free citizens of other species, so long as they came from independent colony planets such as those in the Traverse and Terminus and retained non-citizen status during their stay. These strictures were small obstacles compared to the economic lure of eezo, and soon the planet boasted spaceports and refineries that considerably enriched the Hegemony. The planet enjoyed relative peace and prosperity, with the major lifestyle inconvenience being fresh water shortages due to a dry climate.

The Reaper invasion has turned Camala's cities from affluent oases into a living nightmare. Alliance intelligence suggests that early in the Reaper invasion, a high percentage of the planet's population was captured and converted to husk creatures for future offensives. The processing camps still run night and day, and the troop transports fly legions of cannibals out every hour. For this reason, Alliance command has put Camala squarely in its sights for military strikes.

Note: This planet can be scanned to attempt to locate Dr. Garneau. The scan will be negative.