Capsule - Genolution 'Auroral' 197-variant

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Capsule - Genolution 'Auroral' 197-variant
Basic Information
Item Category
Ship Class
Capacitor Capacity
125 GJ
Capacitor Recharge Peak Rate
1.6 GJ/s
Capacitor Recharge Time
187.5 s
CPU Capacity
1 tf
Inertia Modifier
2 x
32,000 kg
Maximum Locked Targets
Maximum Targeting Range
60,000 km
Maximum Velocity
150 m/sec
Meta Level
Powergrid Capacity
1 MW
Shield Recharge Rate
0.24 HP/s
Signature Radius
25 m
Tech Level
Level 1
EVE Online-Volume.pngVolume
1,000 m³
Shield Hitpoints
63 HP
Shield Uniformity
25 %
Armor Hitpoints
156 HP
Armor Uniformity
25 %
Structure Hitpoints
150 HP
Structure Damage Resistances
EM Damage0 % Thermal Damage0 % Kinetic Damage0 % Explosive Damage0 %
Armor Damage Resistances
EM Damage60 % Thermal Damage35 % Kinetic Damage25 % Explosive Damage10 %
Shield Damage Resistances
EM Damage0 % Thermal Damage20 % Kinetic Damage40 % Explosive Damage50 %
Sensor Strength
Radar- points Magnetometric- points Gravimetric- points Ladar3 points
>Launcher Hardpoints
Turret Hardpoints
Skill Requirements

This hydrostatic capsule is a unique variant on the standard model. Its golden sheen is nominally decorative material, whose role and purpose are highly classified and which dissipates entirely upon reprocessing. It is known that the capsule's regular building materials are intermixed with traces of another matter, the exact nature of which remains unknown to everyone outside Genolution's research facilities, even the capsuleers themselves.

Theories on the subject include Fullerene Intercalated Graphite polymer for better function of internal parts without the added heat of internal friction; a meld of Fullerite-C320 and Fullerite-C540 for an extra-strength shell that can better withstand the rigors of continued operation under stress (albeit not, sadly, withstand a few direct hits from another vessel's weapon), or just a thin coating of some newly invented sheen compound.

The capsule's primary function remains to keep the capsuleer alive - even to the point of sending their consciousness to a nearby cloning vat, in the event of imminent obliteration - and allowing for the operation of the massive interstellar vessels in which the capsule is usually encased. This variant can only be operated by those capsuleers wearing the Genolution 'Auroral' AU-79 implant, and will be automatically replaced upon destruction.