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Milky Way / Armstrong Nebula / Hong
Basic Information
Mass Effect
Mass Effect
Mass Effect Resources
Gold, Uranium and Samarium
Location Information
1.1 Earth Atmospheres
Day Length
44.6 Earth Hours
Orbital Period
1.1 Earth Years
7,819 km
Surface Gravity
1.1 g
Surface Temp.
99 °C
Featured in...
Mass Effect

Casbin is a classic "pre-garden" terrestrial world, with conditions similar to those on Earth millions of years ago. Its hot, humid atmosphere is mainly composed of nitrogen and carbon dioxide. An increasing amount of the surface is covered by simple lichen and algae. Should no unexpected calamity occur, these tiny plants will change the atmosphere to an Earth-like nitrogen-oxygen mix over the next few millennia.

Due to its potential for future habitability, Casbin has been designated a Sanctuary World by the Citadel Council. Landing is prohibited by law, and any disturbance of the fragile young ecosystem will result in harsh fines and imprisonment.

At present, the planet is passing through the debris trail of a long-period comet.

Note: The Mako can land here.
Points of Interest
Location Appearance Description
1 Initial Geth outpost
(UNC: Geth Incursions)
2 Initial Geth encampment, guarded by 3 Geth Heavy Turrets.
3 Initial Crashed probe (can be salvaged with any level of Electronics skill)
4 Initial Beacon
(UNC: Locate Signs of Battle)
Mineral Deposits
Location Element Grade
1 Gold Heavy
2 Uranium Rare
3 Samarium Rare