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Castaway Entertainment was a video game developer. It was established by former employees of Blizzard Entertainment's Blizzard North division, the studio responsible for creating Diablo and Diablo II. It is based in Redwood City, California. The company signed a publishing agreement with Electronic Arts in March 2004, but has yet to produce any products.

Former Blizzard North members who joined Castaway Entertainment include Michael Scandizzo, Stefan Scandizzo, Alan Ackerman, Steven Woo, Rick Seis, Ted Bisson, Bruno Bowden, Peter Brevik, Michael Huang, Kelly Johnson (artist), Michio Okamura, Tom Ricket (Shirt Guy Tom, of Sluggy Freelance fame), and Fredrick Vaught (after whom the halls of Vaught in Diablo II were named).

Other notable employees include game designer Bill Dunn and art director Rick Macaraeg.

On April 4, 2008, Michael Scandizzo announced that Castaway is suspending operations due to financial problems.[1]

As of at least July 6, 2008, their website redirects to Big Tree Games

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