Castle of Deceit

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Castle of Deceit
Basic Information
Video Game
Bunch Games
Bunch Games
2D Platform
NES Cartridge
NES Controller
Retail Features
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Castle of Deceit is a sidescrolling game for the NES where the player takes control of a wizard trapped in the titular castle with only one spell to defend himself. The game was often considered frustrating for its length and lack of a save or password system.

Story[edit | edit source]

Phfax, a mystic being, and wielder of the Emerald Magic, consented to offer his life to protect the stones of Rune. For centuries he dwelled within the plasma of energies of the stones where the Runes were hidden. Until at last it drove him insane. Such was the power of the stone that even the bitter hallucinations of his madness were given life. Six deadly beings appeared, stealing the Rune Stones. You, Cebo, the most promising of the young Magicians of Dace, must enter the castle, exploring the realities. But do not trust your senses - what you see, what you hear may all be a lie!