Castles of Doctor Creep

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Castles of Doctor Creep
Basic Information
Video Game
Commodore 64[2]
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Story[edit | edit source]

The character is looking for a castle to buy then the character gets trapped in a castle.[4]

Gameplay[4][edit | edit source]

The goal of the game is to go to the exit of the castle. The player can choose limited or unlimited lives. Limited gives three lives to complete the level, but allows recording time to completion. The player can move left and right, climb ladders, slide down poles and use levers, doors, keys and other stuff. To do actions player can use the fire button which does every action in the game apart from suicide button which can be used to get unstuck. Death occurs by monsters, ray guns, trapdoors and other hazards, but may also be triggered manaully if the player gets stuck. Two player mode alternates if players go through different doors switching when the player goes to other doors until reunited.

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