Castlevania: Bloodlines/Walkthrough

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Castlevania: Bloodlines

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Stage 1
  • 1-2: Invulnerability at top of the first set of stairs, on the second raised candle. This lasts for a time limit, or until end of stage, whichever comes first.
  • 1-3: Attack the wall right of the first down staircase for a book. This provides 20 gems for the sub-attack. The enemy is defeated by striking the eye. Head down the stairs, and speed to the right before going back up.
  • 1-5: Bats are easily defeated by doing a jumping attack. When you reach the boss, it has two attacks:
    1. Howls, breaking glass in the background.
    2. Short range fire breath.
    • The enemy is best dealt with by using subweapons. The boomerang is acceptable.
  • 1-6: Break the wall on the second floor for health.
  • 1-7: When you head up and encoutner the skeleton with the morning star, you can instead head downward and destroy the candles to detonate a smart bomb.
  • 1-8: Before the swinging blade is an axe. At the end of the stage on teh upper floor is some meat to recover some health.
  • 1-9: On the collapsing spine, you may find a 1up.
  • 1-11: Item is a boomerang. The axe armor gives a ting sound when it is hit, but it still takes damage. Keep attacking it as necessary.
Stage 2
Atlantic Shrine, Greece
  • 2-1: Boomerang. Holy Water
  • 2-2: Fixed scrolling level. Yuck on its implementation.
    • On the first place where you can go up two staircases, take the left staircase.
  • 2-3: Make diagonal attacks towards the enemy. Next item is Axe.