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Someone fill this in.

Each item should have:

  • A subsection called 'Appearances' that lists it's appearances in Zelda games in order, not just lists, but has the the game title, then a dash (-) then where it is found, and what it does differently compared to the other versions of the same item (if anything).
  • Each description should describe BOTH the 2D and 3D versions of the item.
  • Each article should have a picture of the item. If you want to be fancy, than I suggest a frameless 3D render of the item aligned to the left inside the text (kind of like how Din's pearl is aligned)
  • Make sure to redirect upgrades to the main item (Longshot ---> Hookshot, Fire Arrow ---> Fairy Bow)
  • Make sure to name items by their least generic name (all bows should be in the article "Fairy Bow", to because the word 'bow' is too generic)
  • Masks should be listed on Link's masks
  • Songs should be listed on Link's songs
  • Rings should be listed on Link's rings
  • Spells should be listed on Link's spells
  • All bottles and items stored in bottles should be listed in Bottle (but not Bottles, he's a dead mole).
  • Make sure to include collectible items too (Skulltula, Rupee, Heart Piece, etc)

Zelda Lore VS Link's Items[edit source]

We don't want to flood Zelda Lore with stuff that doesn't really have anything to do with the series as a whole. Save for a few story-important items (like the Master Sword, and OoT) and items that are conceptually unique to the Zelda universe (like the Hookshot) most items should be in the 'Link's items' cat, and not the Zelda Lore cat.

List of Items[edit source]

I didn't play MM, someone fill in that crap for me. We can fill in the dead links from this list.

General Items[edit source]

Magic Items[edit source]

Shields[edit source]

Swords[edit source]

Key Items[edit source]