Cerberus: General Oleg Petrovsky

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Cerberus: General Oleg Petrovsky
Basic Information
Featured in...
Mass Effect 3

Military strategist and classical scholar General Oleg Patrovsky is one of the Illusive Man's most respected operatives. As a corporal in the First Contact War, Patrovsky was forced to take command of his unit and proved his tactical brilliance by holding off repeated turian attacks for weeks. The war ended before his position was overrun but not before Petrovsky had witnessed firsthand the brutality of the turian war machine.

Despite being praised and promoted for his bravery, Petrovsky eventually found more common ground with Cerberus than the Alliance military. Since leading the campaign to seize Omega, Petrovsky has proven to be a capable if firm administrator who is focused on containing or eliminating "unstable elements" before they threaten Cerberus's occupation of the station.