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Champions: Return to Arms/Credits

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Champions: Return to Arms

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Company 1 Snowblind Studios
Lead Programmer Raoul Said
Programming Ryan Geithman, Paul Haugerud, JJ. Hoesing
Engine Consultant Ezra Dreisbach
Lead Designer Paul Knutzen
Designer Chris Hoge
Lead Character Artist John Van Deusen
Lead Environmental Artist Brian Johnson, Brian Sostrom
Artist Andrew Arconti, Brian Despain, Miles Germer, Jason Kim, Javier Rodriguez, Amanda Sartor, Colin Tennery
Project Manager Loren Bryant
Business Director Ryan Geithman, Brian Sostrom
Company 2 Sony Online Entertainment
Producer Clint Worley
Associate Producer Todd A. Carson
Senior Programmer Brian Crowder
Design Jake Sones
Executive Producer Nicholas Beliaeff
Chief Creative Officer Raph Koster
Sr. Producer Ben Bell
Associate Producer Todd Carson
Programming Robert Kline
Audio Editing & Support Chad Mossholder, Cat Neri, Mike Smith, Heather Sowards
VP of Customer Service and Quality Assurance George Scotto
Director of Quality Assurance Tony Rado
Quality Assurance Manager Ed Hocking
Quality Assurance Supervisor Rob Thompson, Jason Boone, Andy Lamp
Quality Assurance Lead Tester Noah Holmes
Quality Assurance Testing Team Nick Munford, Jesse Bell, John Zimmerman, Michael Jones, Pete Mayberry, Barry Kearns, Allen Rusakovsky, Rian Trost, Christine Penly, Dave Curington, Zachary Simms
Compatibility Lab Lead Tester Ryan Antonelli
Compatibility Lab Tester Gary Binkley, Chris Johnson, Todd Luttmers
Quality Assurance Liaison Jennifer Gerull
Senior Vice President of Sales Don Vercelli
Senior Vice President of Marketing Torrie Dorrell
Vice President of Marketing Mike Lustenberger
Product Marketing Manager Laura Naviuax
Marketing Coordinator Casey Dickinson
Director of Public Relations Chris Kramer
Public Relations Manager Tamara Sanderson
Art Director Mike Meyer
Sales and Marketing Team Brian Patience, Jen Belfield, Kirsten Kinney, Christina Greenberg, Tom Taylor, Katie Thomas, Ari Ziegel
Product Development Writer Clayton Kroh
Director of Operations and Web Presence Greg Short
Creative Director and Web Presence Nathan Pearce
Project Manager Steve Fuller
Content Team Elliot Feldman, Adam Stevens
Web Production Team Tim Cox, Nick Davison, Tim Dunn, Monte Green, Jacob Robinson, Paul Tighe
Director of International Operations Matt Sivertson
Localization Manager Stacey Sofia-McDaniel, David Kim
Technical Lead Bill Mauer
Localization Team Stacey Griebel, Christopher Lee, Robert McEntee, Jason Polk, Steven Riley
Vice President of Technology Christopher Yates
Director of Platform Engineering David Dunjishaw
Project Management Bonnie Davison, Wayne Kao, Jenne McPherson
Manager of Application Engineering Mick Giles
Application Engineering Pierce Courtney, David Keene, Devon Kim, Duy Le, Grant Olson, Jason Parrott, Michael Tucker, John Van Roekel
Manager of Systems Engineering Thomas Farthing
Systems Engineering Team Brian Buhr, Ron Grierson, Pablo Herrero, Graeme Ing, Bob Kline, Tavish Margers, Jose Rodriguez, Chris Rosa, Rick Smith
Legal Rick Herman, Steve Weiss, Kelly Conway, Bettianne Flanders
Chairman of the Board Yair Landau
President John Smedley
Chief Operating Officer Russell Shanks
Chief Financial Officer John Needham
Chief Technology Officer Adam Joffe
Senior Vice President of Business Affairs and General Counsel Andy Zaffron
Vice President of Development John Donham
Development Assistant Fannie Gunton
Writing David Freeman, Dean Orion, The Freeman Group
Company 3 Immersive Sound
Audio Director Adam Levenson
Music Composed and Conducted By Inon Zur
Sound Design JP Walton, Paul Gorman, Mike Kamper, Adam Levenson, Paul Menichini, Frank Szick, Tim Walston
Voice Talent Casting and Direction Keith Arem
Recorded At Digital Synapse
Cast Vanessa Marshall, Paula Tiso, Wendee Lee, Dave Wittenberg, Michael Bell, Michael Gough, Robin Atkin Downes, Cristpin Freeman, James Horan, Nick Jameson, Victor Raider Wexler
Additional Voiceover By Soundelux Design Music Group
Additional Voiceover Cast Bill Martin, Michael Bell, Julie Nathanson, Michael Gough, Diane Michelle, Tara Strong, Robin Atkin Downes, Grey Delisle, Cam Clarke, Charity James
Audio Mixing JP Walton
Audio Scripting Adam Levenson