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This is a list of characters in the Another Code series.

Concept and creation[edit | edit source]

The protagonist of the series, Ashley Mizuki Robbins, first appeared in the Nintendo DS video game Another Code: Two Memories. She was designed by the game's director and character designer Taisuke Kanasaki. The character was originally intended to be 17 years old. Her appearance is intended to appeal to both female and male players.[1] The developers were worried about how they should let Ashley grow up in Another Code: R - A Journey into Lost Memories, as well as how her expressions would change after two years. While they already had an idea in mind for her in the first game, they had to develop a more grown-up personality for her, having to estimate how and what she experienced over the two years not seen in either game. One of the developer's daughters assisted in the development, playing a scene where Ashley has a long conversation with her father to get her opinion on how well they achieved the distance between a girl of her age and an "out-of-touch" father. When asked if the worlds of Hotel Dusk: Room 215 and Another Code were connected, game designer Rika Suzuki confirmed this, stating that he would like to see an older version of Hotel Dusk protagonist meeting an older Ashley.[2]

Recurring characters[edit | edit source]

Ashley Mizuki Robbins[edit | edit source]

Ashley Robbins as she appears in Another Code: R

Ashley Mizuki Robbins (アシュレイ・ミズキ・ロビンズ?, surname often spelled Robins in PAL media) is a 16 year old fictional character in the Another Code series of video games. She first appeared in the Nintendo DS video game Another Code: Two Memories, known as Trace Memory in North America, and again later in the Wii video game Another Code: R - A Journey into Lost Memories.

Ashley first appears in the Nintendo DS video game Another Code: Two Memories. In it, she is 13 years old, and is being raised by her aunt Jessica after her parents vanished when she was three years old. While Ashley believed they were dead, two days before her 14th birthday, she receives a letter from her father stating that he would be on an island called Blood Edward Island near Washington in the United States. She visits the island with her aunt the day before her birthday, but she cannot find her father. After Jessica goes to look for him and does not return, Ashley goes to find both of them, meeting up with a ghost named "D". They both explore the Edward Mansion on the island, attempting to both find Jessica and her father as well as find "D"'s memories.

She makes yet another appearance in Another Code: R - A Journey into Lost Memories. In it, she is now 16 years old and an aspiring musician. Her father, who is usually distant due to picking up on what Ashley's mother was working on, sends her an invitation to come meet with him in an effort to cement their relationship. They camp out at a place called Lake Juliet, but upon arriving, Ashley remembers being her before, just before her mother died when she was three.

Characters in Another Code: Two Memories[edit | edit source]

Ashley Mizuki Robbins[edit | edit source]

A curious and independent thirteen-year-old girl looking for the truth oh her parents' disappearance. She must search Blood Edward Island Island for clues.

Richard Robbins[edit | edit source]

Ashley's father, a scientist. He was studying human memory at the same government laboratory as his wife, Sayoko, when the two of them disappeared. Ten years later, he contacts Ashley to meet him on Blood Edward Island for her birthday. He is also the creator of the DTS, the small machine he sent Ashley for her birthday.

Sayoko Robbins[edit | edit source]

Ashley's mother, a scientist. Originally from Japan, Sayoko came to the States to research Human memory in the same secret lab as Richard.

Jessica Robbins[edit | edit source]

Richard's younger sister, a high-school chemistry teacher. As Richard's sole remaining relative, she was entrusted with the care of Ashley. A kind of generous woman, Jessica nevertheless appears to know more about the scientists' disappearance than she

Captain[edit | edit source]

The captain of the small ship that takes Ashley and Jessica to Blood Edward Island. Though a little rough around the edges, Captain is warmhearted and an easy confidant.

D[edit | edit source]

The ghost of a boy who died 57 years ago on Blood Edward Island. He has lost all his memory of who he is and why he died. He meets Ashley while she is searching for her father, and the two join up, hoping to find answers to both their mysteries.

Characters in Another Code: R - A Journey into Lost Memories[edit | edit source]

Ashley Robbins[edit | edit source]

The protagonist, a 16-year-old meek and sensitive girl who aspires to become a musician. She has been living with her father for the past two years, though she is emotionally distant from him due to their long-time separation. She travels to Lake Juliet after being invited by her father.

Richard Robbins[edit | edit source]

Ashley's father, a scientist who works for JC Valley. Following the death of his wife Sayoko, he isolated himself to Blood Edward Island for eleven years to work on the Dual Another System until he was reunited with his daughter.

Sayoko Robbins[edit | edit source]

Ashley's deceased mother, who died when Ashley was only three years old. A strong-willed Japanese scientist who specialized in researching memories, she met her husband Richard when they were both working for MJ Labs.

Jessica Robbins[edit | edit source]

Richard's younger sister and Ashley's aunt. A chemistry teacher in High School, she is Richard's only other living relative. She took in and raised Ashley as her own when Richard went to Blood Edward Island thirteen years ago and understands her better than anyone else.

Dan Maxwell[edit | edit source]

A diligent forest ranger who works everyday without rest protecting the fauna of Lake Juliet. He befriends Ashley after she arrives at Lake Juliet to meet her father.

Matthew Crusoe[edit | edit source]

A runaway boy who finds himself at Lake Juliet, searching for his father who has been missing for five years. He meets Ashley and eventually allies himself with her to help each other meet their individual objectives.

Ryan Gray[edit | edit source]

A scientist employed by JC Valley. A scientific prodigy who has been working since his teenage years, he was a colleague of Richard and Sayoko when they were working at MJ Labs.

Agent John Smith[edit | edit source]

A man in a black suit and sunglasses who is investigating the pollution at Lake Juliet.

Greg Davis[edit | edit source]

A journalist researching the happenings at Lake Juliet and Matthew's father 5 years ago.

Reception[edit | edit source]

Since appearing in Another Code: Two Memories, the protagonist, Ashley Mizuki Robbins has received positive reception, especially for how much she resembles a real teenager. Cing producer Takuya Miyagawa stated that Ashley has become popular amongst gamers.[3] In a preview of Another Code, IGN editor Craig Harris praised the dialogue, stating that it was written with an emphasis on giving Ashley a unique personality.[4] editor Jeremy Parish stated that anyone who has been gaming for a while and has experience with adventure games will appreciate Ashley, adding that she was likely an attempt by Nintendo to appeal to teenage girls.[5] In their review, Four Fat Chicks editor "Old Rooster" described her as a petulant child, describing her as awkward, stubborn, and difficult, yet also elicits concern.[6] Game Nikki editor James Williams described her as astonishing, stating that at no point did he consider her facial expressions to not be authentic.[7] The Telegraph editor Chris Schilling described her as older and braver in the sequel, but retains her "endearing fragility."[8] Adventure Gamers editor Marek Bronstring described her as inquisitive but also vulnerable like a realistic teenager.[9] Another Adventure Gamers editor Kim Wild stated that while she has matured since Another Code, citing her learning the guitar and starting a band, as well as becoming more logical, she still demonstrates a "childlike frustration" for her father.[10]

In other media[edit | edit source]

There is an Ashley trophy in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.[11][12]

References[edit | edit source]