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This list of characters describes notable characters who appear in the Dragon Age universe. These characters are explored in the novels Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne and Dragon Age: The Calling and the video games Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age Journeys. This list describes only major protagonists, antagonists, and party members that appear in the series, although these storylines feature much larger supporting casts consisting of dozens of minor characters.

Characters in Dragon Age: Origins[edit | edit source]

Party members[edit | edit source]

Dragon Age: Origins includes ten characters of whom the player can recruit into their party over the course of the game. Decisions made by the player may affect whether a party member is recruited at all, and may also lead a party member into becoming disillusioned with the party and thus leave for good as a result of a low approval rating. In some cases, particular decisions made by the player may result in the death of a party member. Players may pursue different romance options with certain characters.

Alistair[edit | edit source]

Alistair (voiced by Steve Valentine)[1] is a young warrior who was recruited by Duncan into the Grey Wardens not long before the player's own recruitment. Alistair had previously been in training at the Chantry, where he was to become a Templar. Because of such Templar training, he is naturally hesitant towards trusting blood mages and apostates, mages outside of the Circle of Magi. His experiences have hardened him and created a wry and irreverent sense of humor.[2]

He joins the player's party early on in the game at Ostagar and will not leave the party under any circumstance, save one exception in which the player has Loghain undergo the Joining ritual to become a Grey Warden during the Landsmeet. Alistair is a possible romance option for female characters. He favors doing the right thing, and will disapprove greatly of actions which are not so, such as defiling the Urn of Sacred Ashes during a quest, or allowing the death of any of Arl Eamon's relatives.[3]

Revealed, upon reaching Redcliffe Village, to be the illegitimate son of King Maric and a servant, Alistair is, by blood, technically heir to the throne of Ferelden, a fact which appalls him. The Calling's conclusion hints that Alistairs knowledge of his mother may not be accurate.[4] Nevertheless, some of the possible endings of the game include Alistair as the king of Ferelden, with or without Anora or the player (human female noble only or Alistair hardened and in love with the female player) as the queen. If the trailers for Dragon Age: Origins Awakening are taken as canon, then Alistair is the king of Ferelden after the story events of Dragon Age: Origins. He is shown in the royal armor and referred to as king during a scene promoting the character Anders.

Alistair's personal quest involves a search for his sister, Goldanna. Ultimately, she is found in Denerim, a major city in Ferelden, and is unexpectedly rude and shows no signs of affection towards Alistair. Afterwards, the player may choose a certain dialogue choice which results in Alistair becoming more serious with reality.[3]

Leliana[edit | edit source]

Leliana (voiced by Corinne Kempa)[1] is a bard from the Orlesian Empire. She is a member of the Chantry and chooses to join the player's party after receiving what she believes was a vision from the Maker, the god of the Chantry.[2][5] Her appearance in Dragon Age: Origins was based on Alleykatze, a model.[6]

Leliana joins the player's party at Lothering early on in the game as a rogue. She is highly religious and believes in doing the right thing. She is a possible romance option for both male and female players. In one case, she will attack the player, which results in her death, if the player chooses to defile the Urn of Sacred Ashes during a quest.

Leliana's personal quest involves a past relationship with a woman named Marjolaine. Upon reaching her home in Denerim, the player may either kill Marjolaine or cause her to leave the city. After completing the quest, the player may choose a certain dialogue choice that will harden Leliana.[3][4]

Leliana is the protagonist in the new DLC called "Leliana's Song" dealing with her past with Marjolaine.

Morrigan[edit | edit source]

Morrigan (voiced by Claudia Black)[7] is a shapeshifting mage, raised and taught by her mother, Flemeth (voiced by Kate Mulgrew), in the wilds of Ferelden.[2][5] Her appearance in Dragon Age: Origins was based on a model named Victorria Johnson.[8]

Morrigan joins the player's party early on in the game in the Korcari Wilds shortly after the battle at Ostagar. She is a possible romance option for male players. Morrigan is quick to show her disapproval of actions that benefit only a few people and not the entire party, such as helping a beggar or settling a dispute in Lothering. She tends to take a more sinister approach to life and thus favors more 'evil' options. Aside from leaving because of a low approval rating, Morrigan may also leave the party near the end of the game before the slaying of the Archdemon. She reveals that a Grey Warden need not die in order to slay the Archdemon as long as he, Alistair or Loghain (if he has replaced Alistair) impregnates Morrigan with a child, who will then carry the soul of the Old God upon its death and thus save the Grey Warden who dealt the final death blow.[3] If the player refuses to sleep with Morrigan (or is female) and does not ask Alistair/Loghain to do the deed, she will become infuriated and thus leave for good. Morrigan's storyline is concluded in the September 2010 release 'Witch Hunt.'

Morrigan's personal quest involves a search for Flemeth's Grimoire, a book of spells and secrets of which Morrigan intends to learn from. The player is tasked with the slaying of Flemeth, who, according to Morrigan, is a demon who gave birth to daughters only to then take over their bodies and thus live as if immortal. Upon Flemeth's death and the completion of the quest, Morrigan appreciates the effort and may even offer for the player (males only) to 'join her in her tent.'

Oghren[edit | edit source]

Oghren (voiced by Steve Blum)[1] is a dwarf from the House of Kondrat and was once a promising member of the Warrior Caste.[2] He is the ex-husband of a Paragon, Branka, and joins the player's party while the player is in Orzammar, one of only two remaining dwarven cities at the time the story of Dragon Age: Origins takes place. Oghren is a drunkard who, aside from falling down halfway into conversations, is rather flirtatious.

Oghren joins the player's party in Orzammar as the player is about to embark for the Deep Roads, a series of paths and crossroads that lead to neighboring, and abandoned, Thaigs, or dwarven cities, in a search for the Anvil of the Void. Although Oghren may attempt to leave the party when his approval rating is low enough, the player may twice[4] try to persuade Oghren to stay. If the persuasion attempt fails, the player may then engage Oghren in battle and either keep him in the party upon his defeat or outright choose to kill him.

Oghren's personal quest involves a past relationship with a female dwarf, Felsi, who eventually moved to the surface world and is currently employed at the Spoiled Princess tavern near Lake Calenhad. The player, upon speaking with Felsi, may either portray Oghren as a sort of heroic figure or insult him. Depending on whether or not Felsi falls for Oghren once again, he will either appreciate the player's actions or disapprove greatly of their insults.

Oghren returns in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening as a party member. After the events of Origins, he settled down with Felsi and had a child with her. Eventually however he felt bored with the complacency and made his way to the Warden-Commander in order to become a Grey Warden himself. At some point in the game, Felsi will come by the fort and get into an argument with Oghren for leaving his duties as a husband and father. Oghren can later be convinced to play a part in his child's upbringing however.

Shale[edit | edit source]

Shale (voiced by Geraldine Becker)[9] is a mighty stone golem who comes from The Stone Prisoner downloadable content.[10] Shale, a warrior, has developed a negative perception of humans and living beings after a life of servitude to a former master and having been stuck in place in the village for a long duration as well as a hatred of birds due to being target of defecation.[3]

In order to have Shale join their party, the player must first complete a quest in the Village of Honnleath and learn an activation code for the golem. Later in the story, the golem will attack the player if they choose to side with Branka in a quest pertaining to the Anvil of the Void. If Shale is not in the player's party at that time, the golem will confront the player upon their return to the party camp and will leave the party unless persuaded otherwise.

Shale's personal quest involves a search for answers to the golem's past. The quest leads the player to a long forgotten city, Cadash Thaig, where the player finds a monument. Upon observation of such monument, the player finds out that Shale was formerly Shayle, a female dwarf who had volunteered herself, amongst other dwarven volunteers, to become a golem.

Sten[edit | edit source]

Sten (voiced by Mark Hildreth)[1] is a bronze-skinned Qunari giant who is wary of revealing his true name to members of the race his people twice attempted to conquer. Four centuries ago, the Qunari had reached the shores of Thedas, possessing an alien philosophy and iron determination towards forcing lesser cultures into enlightenment. They conquered only a small area of Thedas, which in turn allowed them to study their human foes more carefully and eventually send missionaries and explorers into the southern lands after the last truce.[2]

Sten may join the player's party early on in the game as a warrior. He is found trapped in a cage at Lothering and is seemingly left for dead. Upon learning that Sten had murdered a group of farmers and repents such an action, the player may choose to persuade the Revered Mother of the Lothering Chantry to release the Qunari into their custody, thus freeing Sten. If the player chooses not to free Sten, however, the player will not be able to recruit him as Lothering will be overrun by the Blight soon after the player's departure from said city. Further in the game, when searching for the Urn of Sacred Ashes, Sten may confront the player about their level of commitment in the task at hand. If the player treats Sten in a rude way, Sten will challenge the player for control of the party, and upon his defeat, Sten will wish to leave the party and may/may not choose to do so.[4]

Sten's personal quest involves a search for his lost sword. It is revealed that he had murdered the aforementioned farmers because of the loss, and panicked when it was deemed missing. Taking the player through a chain of different individuals to speak to, the quest ultimately leads the player to Dwyn in Redcliffe Village, who has possession of the sword. Upon its retrieval, the sword may be given to Sten and he will appreciate the player's efforts.

Mabari War Hound[edit | edit source]

Mabari War Dogs are a prized and essential part of the Fereldan military. These trained hounds easily break the lines of pikeman, pull knights off of their horses, and when in a pack, may stir panic amongst even the most hardened of soldiers.[2]

Dog will always have a 100 approval rating and will never leave the party under any circumstance. If the player is a human noble, Dog joins the player's party in the origin story during a small sidequest. If the player is not a human noble, then they may acquire Dog through a sidequest at Ostagar by speaking with the kennel master. After the battle takes place, a random encounter will show Dog being chased by a group of Darkspawn, and upon defeating the Darkspawn, the player may either accept or refuse Dog as a party member. Dog may be given any name by the player.

Dog has no personal quest and will stay loyal to the player throughout the entire game.

Having Dog “mark his territory” at certain “landmarks” in different areas affords him a “Mabari Dominance” bonus, augmenting his strength, willpower and constitution attributes.

Wynne[edit | edit source]

Wynne (voiced by Susan Boyd Joyce)[11][12] is one of the most prominent mages of the Circle of Magi and a powerful spirit healer. She believes wholeheartedly in what the Circle stands for and has been a vocal advocate in the idea that, through discipline and education, mages can learn to control their gifts and use them to serve mankind. When word of King Cailan’s call to arms against the Blight had reached her in the tower, Wynne readily volunteered to go to Ostagar.[2]

Wynne may join the player's party at the Tower of the Circle of Magi. After the player manages to restore order in the Tower, Wynne asks to join the party, and the player may either accept or refuse her offer. Wynne is a firm believer in all that is righteous and is quick to disapprove of evildoings, especially those involving blood magic. There are two occasions within the Tower in which Wynne will attack the player if they choose to risk killing innocents. Another incident takes place during Connor's rescue at Redcliffe Castle. If the player is a mage and chooses to enter the Fade, they may convince the demon within to teach him/her the blood mage specialization, which results in Wynne attacking the player upon their return to the real world. Finally, if the player decides to defile the Urn of Sacred Ashes, Wynne will attack him/her if she is in the party; if she is not, she will leave the party shortly after the player returns to the camp.

Wynne's personal quest involves the player noticing her tiring easily. After speaking to Wynne about her needing rest, the player will encounter two 'random' events, the latter of which shows the entire party, save Wynne, being knocked down by an attack from Darkspawn. Wynne will then obtain a new power that will be available for use, Vessel of the Spirit, and saves the party. Upon completing the quest, the player learns that Wynne had actually lost her life in the past and is now living with the aid of a benevolent spirit from the Fade. Furthermore, Wynne reveals information about a past apprentice, who may be found in the Brecilian Forest amongst the Dalish Elves. Choosing to seek out the apprentice will result in the player receiving an amulet that improves the Vessel of the Spirit power.[4]

Zevran[edit | edit source]

Zevran (voiced by Jon Curry)[1] is a male elf from Antiva who excels in the ranks of one of the most infamous guilds of thieves and assassins in all of Thedas, the Antivan Crows.[2]

Zevran may join the player's party after one major part of the plot has been completed. He will be found during a random event in which the Antivan Crows have set up a trap. Him being the sole survivor of a failed attempt to assassinate the player, the player may choose to either kill him or allow him to join the party. Zevran is a possible romance option for both male and female players. Like Oghren, Zevran may be persuaded to stay in the party up to two times should he decide to try and leave the party. If the player engages Zevran in fight, he will be killed.[4]

Although Zevran has no personal quest, there will be a point before the Landsmeet where the player meets Taliesin, an Antivan Crow and former friend of Zevran. Depending on Zevran's approval rating and how the player chooses their dialogue options, Zevran may side with the player and fight against Taliesin or vice versa, thus leaving the party and being killed. If Zevran has a neutral approval rating, he will not fight in the battle, but will stay with the player's party.

Loghain Mac Tir[edit | edit source]

Teyrn Loghain Mac Tir (voiced by Simon Templeman)[1] served as the right hand of King Maric in the war against the Orlesians. First seen at Ostagar, he is introduced as the one who provides strategies for Maric's son, Cailan, in the defense of the realm from the Blight. However, during the later battle, Loghain appears to stray from his own plan and betray and leave for dead both the King and the Grey Wardens when he departs from the battle with what was supposed to be the reinforcements for Cailan's army. An antagonist for a majority of the game from then on, Loghain takes residence in Denerim and instigates a civil war of sorts in Ferelden.

Loghain may join the player's party as a warrior very late in the game, during the Landsmeet. After the player and Loghain duel each other, the player may choose to either have Loghain killed or inducted into the Grey Wardens. Allowing Loghain to live will force Alistair to leave the party in disgust and will allow Loghain to join the player's party as a new Grey Warden. Choosing to have Loghain killed will result in Alistair staying, but Anora refusing to marry whomever killed her father. It is possible if the player has hardened Alistair through his personal quest to have Alistair still marry Anora and rule as king while keeping Loghain alive, in this path Loghain still replaces him as a party member.

Loghain has no personal quests and has no moments of crisis in which he will leave the party. However the Return to Ostagar DLC has special dialogue for Loghain, in which he takes evidence that Cailan was in correspondence with the Orlesian Empress as intentions to betray Ferelden.

Protagonists[edit | edit source]

The Warden[edit | edit source]

The player character and main protagonist whose race, gender, and class are chosen by the player. Regardless of origin, the Warden ultimately joins the famed Grey Wardens and sets in motion plans to counter the darkspawn threat in Ferelden.

Major Characters of Dragon Age: Origins[edit | edit source]

Duncan[edit | edit source]

Duncan (voiced by Peter Renaday)[1] is the leader of the Grey Wardens in Ferelden. He serves as a mentor of sorts to the player character early in the story, before perishing at the battle of Ostagar.[13][14]

Cailan Theirin[edit | edit source]

Cailan Theirin (voiced by Peter Bramhill) is the current king of Ferelden. He is the son of Maric Theirin, who drove the Orlesian Empire from Ferelden. He dies at the battle of Ostagar toward the beginning of the game. Alistair is also his illegitimate half-brother due to Alistair being born out of wedlock with a woman, possibly Fiona.

Flemeth[edit | edit source]

Flemeth (voiced by Kate Mulgrew) is the legendary "Witch of the Wilds", a powerful sorceress and possibly an abomination (a mage possessed by a demonic spirit). She rescues the player and Alistair from Ostagar, and commands her daughter Morrigan to accompany them on their subsequent journeys. As part of Morrigan's personal quest, the player may choose to attack Flemeth (in which case she transforms into a powerful dragon), or simply convince her to leave her home in the Wilds.

Zathrian[edit | edit source]

Zathrian (voiced by Tim Russ) is the leader of the Dalish Elves. He recruits the player's party in the elimination of the werewolves and their leader, Witherfang, a female spirit in one form and a male wolf in another. The player locates Witherfang in an old elven ruin and learns that Zathrian himself is responsible for the curse, which affects both the werewolves and, unfortunately, the Dalish elves as well when they become infected through injuries. Depending on which path the player chooses to take upon meeting Witherfang, the player may side with the Dalish Elves and help Zathrian eliminate the werewolves and take the heart of Witherfang, side with the Dalish Elves and persuade Zathrian to release the curse and thus end his own life in the process, or side with the werewolves and persuade Witherfang to lead an attack on the Dalish camp to annihilate the elves and thus recruit the werewolves as allies in the upcoming battle with the Archdemon.

Arl Eamon[edit | edit source]

Eamon Guerrein (voiced by Graham McTavish) is the Arl of Redcliffe, husband of Lady Isolde, brother of Bann Teagan, and father of Connor. He is first mentioned in Lothering as deathly ill. He is also the maternal uncle of King Cailan. He is later revived by the Warden by giving him the Urn of Sacred Ashes.

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