Charwood Cultist's Journal (NWN)

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Charwood Cultist's Journal
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Neverwinter Nights

I have killed them. Killed them all yet still they come, again and again! All of this and I have yet to find the Old One's precious artifact. I am at the edge of my sanity but I must press on. To return to Luskan's iron tower empty handed is to tempt the wrath of our great leader, Maugrim.

True, it has been an honor to serve the Cult of the Eye. If Only I could have seen Neverwinter as it suffered. Instead I am stuck here in the Charwood, too tired to carry on yet too driven to turn away...

Hush, here they come to be killed once more. The longer I stay here, the more I become like them, it seems. I doubt I'll ever see my home again.