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ChatterBox is a video game radio show along with a podcast (or blogcast).

From the website ChatterBox Video Game Show

"The ChatterBox Video Game Radio show airs weekly from KFNX 1100AM in Phoenix, Arizona. The show is also simulcast on the internet so anyone can listen in. Our goal is to educate and entertain the masses about video games, the interactive entertainment industry, and the issues surrounding it."

The show currently has three hosts, Alon Waisman, Nate Vig, and Julie Stoffer and aires on Sunday. Julie joined the show on August 14, 2005 after an interview with her about the show Electric Playground.

Due to ChatterBox being an actual radio broadcast it could be argued that the show has a certain amount of professionalism that other gaming podcasts might lack.

Shows are available for download January 16, 2004 to current.

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