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Cheep Cheep.jpg
Cheep-Cheep's artwork from New Super Mario Bros.

Game Series Mario series
First Appearance Super Mario Bros.
Affiliation: Koopa Troop
Occupation: Koopa Troop Grunt
Rank: Grunt
Species: Fish
Height: Small
Weight: Light
Gender: Male, Female
Likes: Koopa Troop
Dis-Likes: Mushroom Kingdom

Cheep-Cheeps are fish-like enemies in the series of Mario video games by Nintendo, first appearing in Super Mario Bros. They are aquatic creatures that leap out of the water to attack Mario. The Cheep-Cheeps appeared in 2-3, 7-3, and a part in 8-4 (Bowser's castle). To defeat a Cheep-Cheep on these levels, the player must simply jump on it and the player will gain 100 points. The Cheep-Cheeps were also found along with the Bloober jellyfish characters in the underwater levels 2-2 and 7-2, as well as the minus worlds and a part in 5-2. In these cases, they were immune to jumping attacks, but still vulnerable to fireballs.

One Cheep-Cheep, Sushie, was an ally to Mario in the game Paper Mario. She could shoot water out of her mouth, splash the enemies with a tidal wave, or temporarily increase Mario's defense.

Big Bertha was a giant Cheep-Cheep mother that spit out smaller Cheep-Cheeps on Levels 3-2, 3-4, and 7-4 of Super Mario Bros. 3. Its counterpart Boss Bass could leap out of water and swallow Mario whole, killing Mario instantly regardless of power-up status. Boss Bass also appears in Super Mario 64 on one level, Tiny-Huge Island, and uses the same swallowing attack.

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