Christopher Stone

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Christopher Stone

Stone freedom fighter.jpg

Game Series Freedom Fighters
First Appearance
Nationality: Native American
Birthdate: Brooklyn

The main character from the multi-platform squad-based shooter, Freedom Fighters. Christopher Stone was a 32 year old plumber before the attack on New York. He was born and raised in Brooklyn. His father was an Irish immigrant, who worked as a rescue worker and was an overall good samaritan. His mother was a Native American school teacher who taught him & his brother Troy the old Indian ways.

After the attack, he was unwittingly thrust into the leadership role of the Manhattan resistance. After leading a few small attacks, the Soviets take notice, and call him The Freedom Phantom. They report his acts on their propaganda news station as acts of terrorism.

Shockingly enough, he gets with the main female character, Isabella Angelina. Never saw that coming.