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Chrono Trigger

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Unlock New Game +[edit | edit source]

To unlock New Game + mode, beat the game with any ending. Then, return to the title screen and you should now be able to choose "New Game +".

Multiple Endings[edit | edit source]

  1. Beyond Time - Beat the game normally after resurrecting Crono.
  2. Reunion - Defeat Lavos before you resurrect Crono.
  3. The Successor of Guardia - Defeat Lavos (via teleporter) right after you get back from 600 AD.
  4. Good Night - Use the bucket at The End of Time once you get there to fight Lavos. Win.
  5. Legendary Hero - Defeat Lavos after Tata is declared the Legendary Hero, but before getting the Hero Medal from him.
  6. The Unknown Past - Defeat Lavos after receiving the Hero Medal from Tata.
  7. People of the Times - Defeat Lavos after getting the Gate Key in 65,000,000 BC.
  8. The Oath - After getting Frog and the Masamune, go defeat Lavos.
  9. Dino Age - Defeat Lavos after defeating Magus.
  10. What the Prophet Seeks - Beat Lavos after beating Azala at his castle.
  11. A Slide Show - Defeat Lavos after Schala uses her pendant to open the door, but before powering up Marle's pendant.
  12. The Dream Project - Defeat Lavos at the beginning of the game, at the teleporter platform on the right side, or when you are forced to fight him in a story event.
  13. Apocalypse - Lose to Lavos at any time (except during the story event you are supposed to lose at).