Citadel: Expose Saren

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Citadel: Expose Saren
Basic Information

Citadel: Garrus is obtained after the first cutscene on the Citadel where Udina is raging against the Citadel Council, represented in his offer by holograms. The first step is to enter the Citadel Tower, where the Council formally declare that there is no evidence that Saren and the geth are co-operating, and refuse to disbar him from the Spectres.

The next step is to acquire actual evidence that the two are connected. You learn that the quarian mentioned by Dr Chloe Michel in Citadel: Garrus is attempting to sell the data to Fist. You confront Fist and learn that the deal is taking place in the alley now far from Chora's Den. Wrex then kills fist, completing his job from the Shadow Broker. When you find the quarian, you stumble on a planned ambush for her. Defeat the assassins, and speak to the quarian, called Tali'Zorah vas Rayya. She agrees to join you and supplies you with the evidence needed to strip Saren of his Spectre status. You then take her back to Udina's office on the Presidium, where she presents an audio recording.

Eden Prime was a great victory! The beacon has brought us one step closer to finding the Conduit.
~ Saren Arterius
And one step closer to the return of the Reapers.
~ Unnamed female voice.

Udina does not recognise the second voice. From here, you can proceed to the Citadel Tower. Once there, Udina presents your evidence. The Citadel Council agrees to strip Saren of his rights and privileges as a Spectre; the asari member of the Council recognises the second voice as that of Matriarch Benezia. The Council hesitates on committing a fleet to the Attican Traverse, fearing it could spark a war with the Terminus Systems. To solve this, the Council agrees to grant Commander Shepard the rank of Spectre. The meeting then adjourns.