Citadel: Scan the Keepers

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Citadel: Scan the Keepers
Basic Information

Citadel: Scan the Keepers is obtained by speaking to Chorban at the Markets down in the Wards.

This requires scanning twenty-one unique keepers in various locations around the Citadel. Once you've scanned all twenty-one keepers, the mission self-completes; there is no need to seek our Chorban again.

Keeper Locations[edit | edit source]

<gallery> ME1-Keepers-01-C-Sec-Wards-Entrance.png | C-Sec Wards Entrance ME1-Keepers-02-C-Sec-Requisitions.png | C-Sec Requisitions Office ME1-Keepers-03-Citadel-Control.png | Citadel Control, in C-Sec ME1-Keepers-04-Alleyway.png | Alleyway near Chora's Den ME1-Keepers-05-Med-Clinic.png | Near the Med Clinic ME1-Keepers-06-Flux.png | Flux ME1-Keepers-07-Volus-Elcor-Embassy.png | Volus/Elcor Embassy ME1-Keepers-08-Embassy-Office.png | Main Embassy Office ME1-Keepers-09-Embassy-Bar.png | Embassies Bar ME1-Keepers-10-Consort Chambers.png | Consort's Chambers ME1-Keepers-11-Financial-District.png | Financial District ME1-Keepers-12-Emporium-Storeroom.png | Storeroom at the back of the Emporium ME1-Keepers-13-Wards-Access.png | Presidium Wards Access Entrance ME1-Keepers-14-Markets.png | Markets, top level ME1-Keepers-15-Presidium-Wards-Access-Corridor.png | Access Corridor between the Presidium and the Wards ME1-Keepers-16-Citadel-Tower-Entrance.png | Presidium Citadel Tower Entrance ME1-Keepers-17-Citadel-Tower-1.png | Citadel Tower ME1-Keepers-18-Citadel-Tower-2.png | Citadel Tower ME1-Keepers-19-Citadel-Tower-3.png | Citadel Tower ME1-Keepers-20-Citadel-Tower-4.png | Citadel Tower ME1-Keepers-21-Docking-Bay.png | Docking Bay }}