City Bus Simulator

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City Bus Simulator
Basic Information
Video Game
[[TML Studios]][[Category:TML Studios]]
Bus simulation
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City Bus Simulator 2010 is a game by TML Studios, and was released 3rd quarter 2009. There is a demo version of the game which is available on their website. It simulates an M42 bus (Operated by MTA New York City Transit) from Pier 83 (Circle Line) or Jacob Javits center to 1st Av./United Nations. It goes through Times Square and by Grand Central Terminal. The player drives a typical Nova Bus RTS with multiple views inside and outside of the bus.[1][2]

TML-Studios[edit | edit source]

TML-Studios is a German 3D Simulation game developer. They use C4 Engine to develop their games. TML-Studios has also won the Serious Game Award for 2009.

References[edit | edit source]

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