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Citypixel is an online game focused towards all ages all around the world. This 2D isometric graphical game is based in "Pixel York", a parody city to New York in the United States of America. This game currently does not have any advantages (unlike many MMO's) that can be purchased with Real-Life currency. However, advertisements can be purchased in-game to be presented on the pixel buildings.

Features[edit | edit source]

In game, you are allowed to have an "office", an "apartment", and a "car" that you may fill and decorate with (many by: default) objects and furniture. Some objects have Functions, for example: one of these (free) objects is a television, linked to a desired YouTube video that will open in a new window when clicked. Other functional objects include games, which can be played also in a new window. Games may also be played in rare buildings called "Arcades". However, some furniture and objects (including "Cars") will/can need to be purchased in rare stores, including car parts. (Cars may be purchased anywhere). Pixels may be earned upon obtaining an apartment, office and a car, but the most common way of earning Pixels is by simply 'logging in' daily.

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