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Developer(s) Mgame
Publisher(s) Mgame, Netgame
Designer Designer Missing
Engine Engine Missing
status Status Missing
Release date Release Date Missing
Mode(s) Multiplayer
Age rating(s) Ratings Missing
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
Arcade system Arcade System Missing
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Requirements OS: XP/Vista
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Cloud Nine is a Free to Play MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) developed by Mgame, EXcube published by Mgame USA (Netgame) Cloud Nine is well known in worldwide by the name of Holic2. Cloud Nine has been serviced for many different languages such as Korean (Holic2), Japanese (Lunatia Online), Spanish (Expedicion Holic), etc.

Storyline[edit | edit source]


The Beginning[edit | edit source]

Once upon a time, the Holy Land of Lunatia was more peaceful than it had ever been. Harmony flowered throughout all the villages, and the land was always lush and fertile. The people were always cheerful and kind; melancholy was unknown to them. Furthermore, in Lunatia human emotions were controlled by seven gods, and the seven gods watched over this calmness in content. It seemed they were satisfied with the world and its people.

Eventually though, after observing the uneventful realm for a long time, Hemeroth, the God of Desire, who was known to be particularly bellicose, asked a question to all the other gods.

“What do you think? This world is peaceful and nothing really happens but the same old routine.
If the peacefulness keeps up like this, humans and the land will start to devolve.
I believe we should help humans go through a revolution. This will benefit them I believe…”

Nium, the God of Hate, Tristis, the God of Anger, and Ira, the God of Sorrow, all stood up to support Hemeroth’s thought.

“Let’s give our power to humans then, and the fire of revolution will light up!”

But Letuce, the God of Joy, Uydi, the God of Happiness, and Friezia, the God of Love, all stood up against them.

“What you are saying will only corrupt humans in the end! What we must do is grant them chances and watch them.
They have the right to make a future for themselves!”
The War of Gods[edit | edit source]

The disagreement of the gods went on and a conclusion was never made. In the end, both sides refused to hold back their opinion. Eventually, the debate became a war to get the opposing side to surrender by force. However, there was an agreement that gods could never lay a fingers on each other due to “The Gods Pledge” that was made when the world was born. Because of that, the gods decided to summon humans as their avatars. People in the town known as “Grows Gate”, which was the closest, were summoned for The War of Gods.

Summoned humans received unsurpassed powers and became referred to as "nobles". Every noble fought bravely for their respective god.

The Holy Land Lunatia started to lose the balance that previously existed because of the War of God and eventually caused collapse of the human world.. The god of the gods, the Divine God Gloria, who was in a deep sleep for a long time, sensed the coming collapse of the world, caused by the six gods. She awoke from her slumber and appeared as a sacred figure before the seven gods. Gloria immediately settled the unrest of the outrageous gods and then turned to Hemeroth, who was the source of the incident. Because of his argumentative behavior he was sealed by Gloria deep inside the ground for all eternity.

The Divine God Gloria[edit | edit source]

To prevent a similar occurrence from ever happening again, the Divine God Gloria divided the land in two and a river ran between them so that they could never be touched by each other. The two nations were made to be like twins, looking exactly the same but the characteristics of the humans who lived in each were completely different.

Gloria didn’t forget to take away the other god's powers either, and sealed them in the “Stone of Gods” so that peace could return to the world. The Nobles, whose strength also came from the power of the gods, was sealed within the Stone of Gods as well. In the middle of the night, Gloria then broke the “Stone of Gods” into thousands of pieces and scattered them all over the world.

The Holy Night and The Memorite[edit | edit source]

From the land, the shards of the Stone of Gods were like bright snow falling all around the world and it was a beautiful and fantastic scene. This night has since been called the “Holy Night”. After the Holy Night, exhausted from having used all her energy to restore peace, Gloria fell back into a deep sleep. As time went by, Nobles began to lose their memory, eventually even their name and where they were...

Nations[edit | edit source]

Primus Union[edit | edit source]

Hundreds of merchant guilds became united by a man named “Vakaven Kahharl” and it became the nation of Primus Union. Primus Union is the center of trade and crafting. This nation is the largest, and is still growing; it never seems to stop expanding.

However, since many guilds were united by one absolute authority, this nation's rule is strict and faithful. Primus Union fights for loyalty and honor on the battlefield so, they refuse to ambush or use vulgar tactics. To win, is to win with prowess alone.

Ganav Libero[edit | edit source]

Wanderers and travelers crowded into this city one by one and finally it became a huge union. Five elders in the city then came together and the nation Ganav Libero was born.

Many people in Ganav Libero farmed and hunted for a living and created what they needed with mysterious magic power.

Their lifestyle supports freedom and living creatively. On the battlefield they never fight in a certain manner or with typical maneuvers. They use innovative tactics and surprise their enemies in every battle and conquer with invincible minds and spirits.

Races[edit | edit source]

Seneka[edit | edit source]

When the world was created, the gods created Senekas as manifestations of god themselves. Therefore, Senekas have the same appearance as the gods. Seneka’s strong spiritual strength and their high intelligence give them an advantage in battle.

Seneka use their power to develop and cultivate their habitat and now their civilization has become the center of the world.

All tools and buildings are made to fit the Seneka. Unfortunately, because of their reckless development and growth, nature started to lose its beauty and this lead to a bad relationship with the Matsuka Tribe.

Koshare[edit | edit source]

Koshares are the fairies who were born from the earth when the first leaf of life started to rise from the ground. They are the descendants of the earth itself. They look small and cute, but as the children of the land, they have unbelievable strength. Even if their weapons are bigger than their body they wield them easily.

However, ironically, Koshares are very bold and they often become pranksters and jokers even if their opponent is another race. They are good at crafting and researching because of their curiosity and dexterous hands. For the most part, Koshares don’t like to be in large sized groups.

It is hard to find Koshare towns these days because their numbers went down incredibly after The War of Gods. Koshares live for over 200 years and their appearance never changes.

Matsuka[edit | edit source]

The Matsuka race is a characteristic between two mixtures of an animal and a human form. They were born from the flames when the world was created. They are very sharp and intellectual, but they are terrible at crafting and anything that involves techniques and skills, so they came to live along with other races. They usually fight as mercenaries for other races to get what they need for a living.

Matsuka fighters are very swift and brave. However, even though they are brave fighters in battle, they value harmony with nature. Therefore, the Matsuka never harm nature or the planet. Because of this, they once had a war with Seneka because they were destroying forests to develop their town.

The war is over now, but the tension between Matsuka and Seneka has not vanished. Matsuka celebrates their coming of age at 13 and that is when they are treated as adults. The Matsuka live for approximately 150 years and keep their young appearance until around 100.ngyok

Classes[edit | edit source]

Warrior[edit | edit source]

[The Leader of Battle, Who Carries the Faith of the Mage]

"I cannot turn back, turning back means losing. It’s not about myself, it’s about everyone who has faith in me and follows me.
Even if my armor breaks apart and scatters all over the ground, I will not let my comrades fall.
My battle cry is my strength and my duty is to protect...”
  • Characteristics

High HP and strong defense makes the warrior the leader. Warriors never run away from the battlefield even in the worst situation. They fight courageously at all times. When bravery gathers on the battlefield, there will always be a warrior. They are the ones who are the most feared enemies of their opponents.

Monk[edit | edit source]

[Knowledge of the Martial Arts]

"I don’t need anything fancy, just my fists. I have disciplined my body for endless days to breach my own limits.
Now no one can take me down. Are you trying to challenge me? Ha! Let’s rock!”
  • Characteristics

Monks train everyday to continue to overcome their own breaking points. They are experts in controlling the physical power of their body and also the flow of Ki. Because of the long periods of discipline they may act as variety of positions in battle. They can play the roll of damage dealer or tank. Their strong, simple, and pure mind will lead to wise decisions even if the battle is chaotic. Monks’ multiple abilities allow them to control the battle how they have planned.

Rogue[edit | edit source]

[Master of Swiftness, Deadly Tactics]

"As soon as you see me, you can be sure you won't be breathing much longer. Before you know it,
I will be standing right behind you with an evil smile and finish you off in the blink of an eye.
The moment you hit the ground I will have already vanished...”
  • Characteristics

Thieves are born with amazing dexterity and they disappear and appear behind enemies to deal fatal blows. On the battlefield, the tide of war can be changed dramatically by their tactics and moves. The backs of all soldiers are the thieves’ primary target. People fear them due to the way they fight. However, their tactics and cleverness will drive battle to the limit.

Hunter[edit | edit source]

[Aesthetics of Sharpness, Enemy's Weakness is My Strength]

“There is no obstacle for me to overcome except myself.
My sight will not leave my target even if I am struck by a wind that would cut through my skin.
“Kill or be killed” is how I was taught. To survive, I have to take down my target.
  • Characteristics

Hunters instinctively make enemies lose fighting spirit with fast attack speed and a guerilla fighting style. They distract their enemies and take them down before they notice the hunter is even there. There is a hunters clan known as “Hell Wind” which is famous on the battlefield for relentless and fierce attacks.

Mage[edit | edit source]

[Imperative Magic, the Power of Magus]

"I am the only one who controls the power of infinity… It's useless if you just have brute strength.
The important essence of being strong is knowing how to use it. I am the chosen one to control intangible power.
Such a pity, you sealed your own grim fate the moment I became your opponent.”
  • Characteristics

Mages rules the battlefield by maximizing their spirit energy and harmonizing its force with nature. When they appeared on the battlefield for the first time during The War of Gods, witnesses say that the whole world was covered by a bright and dark fog. Mages wield both divine and demonic power so they may fall into the darkness if they fail on controlling themselves. Therefore, they concentrate their energy into protecting themselves from the infinite power and also to wipe out enemies they face. Due to the strong spiritual force, they can maintain rationality in any situation.

Cleric[edit | edit source]

[The Heart of the Battle and Bright Light]

“A bright light with the blessing of the gods calms my mind and gives me warmth.
The one who hasn't experienced the pain of the darkness cannot cure anyone. Now, there is no one that I cannot heal.
Oh, uh, don’t be so happy about it though. The blessed light is not always warm to everyone.”
  • Characteristics

Priests had a contract with the fairies of Lunatia and use divine light to cure comrades who have fallen. They are not really specialized in battle so they usually support their teammates and protect and rejuvenate them with the power of light. The divinity of the priests are envied by many people, since only chosen ones may become clerics.

Features[edit | edit source]

Monster Card Collection & Monster Taming Systems[edit | edit source]

Monsters in Cloud Nine provide players with monster cards which can be registered in a monster collection book. When players collect the various cards in the game, they get authorized to obtain various monster taming items from a certain shop. Tamed monsters will support players as a pet with extra attacks and special skills. Also, the Monster Card Collection system will be fun for anyone who loves to collect things.

Monster Transformation & PK (Player Kill) System[edit | edit source]

Cloud Nine provides a monster transformation system to players. Items that let players transform into monsters can be obtained by certain enemies. When a player transforms into a monster, their status or power becomes exactly the same as the monsters, so it will give more advantages to the player who transformed. Also, the transformation system can be used as tactics during the battle in PVP.

Pet System[edit | edit source]

Cloud Nine pets fight alongside players on the battle field and depending on their item setting they can use unique skills. Pets that have been named by their master will obey and level up like players during battle. When a pet reaches a certain level they evolve to the next stage and their appearance upgrades and they get stronger. There are various types of pets such as Animal type, Human type, Beast type, Prankster type, Monster type, and Special type.

Crafting System[edit | edit source]

In Cloud Nine, various materials will be obtained from looting monsters, mining, fishing, and gathering. All the materials can be used to craft various special items. There are three different types of unique crafting: gem crafting, metal crafting, and medicine crafting.

Crafting Type & Description[edit | edit source]

Gem Crafting: Start crafting gems that can be used to strengthen your weapons or armor.

Medicine Crafting: Craft various consumable items such as potions, buff items, etc.

Metal Crafting: Craft accessories such as necklaces, earrings, and rings that will provide extra options.

Mounts - Monster Riding[edit | edit source]

There are many kinds of mounts in Cloud Nine: Unicorn, Dragon, Big Fat Kitty, Wolf and Bouncy Horse, Etc. Choose what you like and these mounts can be used as transportation, also they will absorb some of the damage that players receive from enemies and increase the possibility of surviving in battle. However, Normal Attacks may become weaker when fighting on your Mount.

Class Switch – Class Revolving[edit | edit source]

In Cloud Nine, a character may choose another class which is called their sub-class. There is no penalty for having two classes and players can switch between their chosen classes to fit the situation. Also, sub-class skills will affect the main class skill tree and main and sub classes later share certain skills. Unlike its predecessor, in which players could change their sub-class, Cloud Nine players may only select their sub-class once.

Another Transportation - Human Cannon[edit | edit source]

Cloud Nine uses Human Cannons for long distance transportation. Hopping into the cannon will shoot players to where ever they want to go! Don’t worry about landing, characters are stronger than steel!

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