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Club Penguin

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Hints and Tips[edit | edit source]

Fuzzy look
Press [Minus] during game play and the screen will change to a fuzzy look.
Igloo upgrades
Click on the doors to make them open.
Secret places
The dojo is on the purplish mountain. The iceberg is the floating ice in the water. The lighthouse brings you to the beach. The mining shack is the snow drift to the right of the forts. The sewer in the plaza brings you to the ice caves. The upper right speaker in the dance club brings you to the boiler room. The first closet at the sport shop is the entrance to the secret agent HQ. Hint: Boiler Room: Clicking on the top left cabinet lets you read the past eight newspapers
Note: Always click at the same time.

ET shows a music note and makes a noise, EI shows an igloo, EP shows a blue puffle, ES shows a skull, ED shows a sun(the D stands for day), EF shows a flower, EG shows a game controller, EH shows a red heart, EL shows a fourleaf clover(the L stands for lucky), EZ shows a slice of pizza(the Z stands for the z's in pizza), EC shows a cup of coffee, EN shows a moon and stars(the N stands for night), EM shows a coin(the M stands for money), E1 shows a laughing face, E2 shows a smiley face, E3 shows a straight face, E4 shows a frowning face, E5 shows a surprised face, E6 shows a face sticking out tongue, E7 shows a winking face, E8 shows a green sickly face, E9 shows a red angry face, E0 shows a red angry face, Shift! shows a large !, Shift? shows a large ?.

Different dances
Wear the coffee apron to pour coffee. Wear the chef's hat to make pizza. Wear water wings and/or the inflatable duck to swim. Wear a Hawaiian lei and/or a grass skirt to hula. Wear a hard hat or a mining hat to drill using a jackhammer. Wear the lasso to twirl it around. Hint: Commands: Press the indicated key to use the corresponding command.

Effect Key Dance D Wave (or wear a whistle) W Sit S Throw a snowball T Tell a joke J Say yes Y Say ok O Say hello H Say good-bye B Say no N

Astro Barrier
On the level 11 wait for about 25 seconds for a blue ship to appear. Shoot it, then the secret levels will be available. On level 7, when it tells you about the blue dots hit it. You will gain an extra life.

On level 11, shoot the orange switch and the other things to get extra points.

Sometimes clicking on the jokes, riddles, or poems at the top with allow you to read bonus ones.

When you put your mouse on Aunt Artics face it shows her wearing spy glasses.

Pizzatron 3000: Dessert mode: Click the giant red lever on the pizza machine until it turns to play in Dessert mode. Note: You must do this every time you play.

Spy Phone: The red light is flashing something in Morse code. Click on the red light to make a comb, scissors, and a wrench appear.

Puffles special trick: Make sure they are well fed and rested then play with them.

Green puffle: Uses propeller cap Blue puffle: Bounces ball on its head Black puffle: Catches fire and fly around the room Pink puffle: Uses the trampoline Hint: Perfect Puffles: Click on the Puffle. Have it take a bath. Feed it before it gets done taking a bath. You now have a perfect Puffle.

Ice fishing: In the end keep a fish and do not let it go. Keep it in the water and let the big one eat it.

Machine gun snowballs
To fire the machine gun snow balls make sure your mouse pointer is not clicked on the chat bar. Press T and click the mouse at the same time very fast. When you press T, the targeter will appear on screen. Note: If you do not press T and click at the same time, instead of firing you will start walking to where the pointer is located. This requires practice.
Bean Counters
If you carry six bags you fall.

The anvil, fish, and flower pot fall in the same place the entire game.

Easy coins
Go to the mines and play Cart Surfer. Keep jumping by pressing [Space] and press [Down] [Down] [Down] to do a backflip for 100 points. Then, jump and press [Right] or [Left]. You will spin for 80 points. Keep switching off. When you come to a turn, grind it by holding [Down] and pressing the [Side]. Eventually, you should finish with somewhere between 230 and 360 coins in less than one minute. Repeat this to get as many coins as desired.

Play the Pizza game once. Try to get perfect for 1,080 gold, then play Cart Surfer three times. Repeat this until you have as much money as desired.

Hiding places
At the beach inside the fish cart. At the pizza parlor in the desk. At the dance club in the speaker. At the lodge attic, go to the bottom left hand corner. Any place with an object against the wall. Hint: Parties and special occasions:

Open your own party at your own igloo or a place in Club Penguin. Find anything that has a source. For example, at the lighthouse there is a fish cooler; sell fish.

Free item
When the Migrator (big pirate ship) appears, there will always be one free item.
Hidden animations
Click the door of the coffee shop on the home page. A penguin comes out.

Click the penguin above the "Login" button to have it appear with different colors and costumes.

While on the home page of Club Penguin, look at the very top. You should see the Coffee Shop, the Night Club, the Gift Shop, and a penguin. Click on the "N" on the Night Club. The penguin should now look like a ninja. Then, click on the penguin several times. It will change into different clothes. Next, go to the "Contact Us" page. Look at where the three buildings are located. The penguin is not there anymore, but put your pointer over the Coffee Shop door then quickly over the Gift Shop door. Two penguins should waddle out towards each other. When they meet they will say, "Hello!" and switch buildings.

Hidden message: The light on the spy phone flashes "SOS" in Morse code.

Walk on walls glitch: Go to the fish cooler and click on the door. Then, quickly click on the top sign. You can now walk on the walls.