Clumsy Ninja

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Clumsy Ninja
Basic Information
Video Game
[[NaturalMotion '"`UNIQ--ref-ArrayArrayArrayArrayArrayArrayArrayArray-QINU`"']][[Category:NaturalMotion '"`UNIQ--ref-ArrayArrayArrayArrayArrayArrayArrayArray-QINU`"']]
[[NaturalMotion Games Limited '"`UNIQ--ref-ArrayArrayArrayArrayArrayArrayArrayArray-QINU`"']][[Category:NaturalMotion Games Limited '"`UNIQ--ref-ArrayArrayArrayArrayArrayArrayArrayArray-QINU`"']]
Family '"`UNIQ--ref-ArrayArrayArrayArrayArrayArrayArrayArray-QINU`"'
Rated 4+
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Clumsy Ninja is the next generation of interactive characters. He can sense, feel, move, and react uniquely every time. Help this lovable but fumbling ninja become a hero, and the game will charm and amaze you as he learns from every jump, tickle and fall.[4]

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