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Video game articles[edit source]

On Codex Gamicus, a video game article should contain certain elements of content. If an article lacks any of the following mandatory sections, Template:Stub should be placed at the top of the article.

The first section should not be labelled with a header, and merely serves as an introduction to the video game in question. It should highlight any alternate names in different regions, especially if:

  • The video game had a Japanese release
  • The name of the video game differed between North America and Europe

In the case of Japanese names, Template:Nihongo should be used. This first section should outline what developers and publishers were involved in the development of the video game in question, mentioning if necessary if specific companies contributed to specific ports.

Release dates should also be mentioned as well as the corresponding platforms they were released on.

Mandatory Sections[edit source]

Gameplay[edit source]

This should detail the basic gameplay that the player can expect while playing. This should refer to camera and character movement, weapons and ammunition systems, power-ups and bonus systems, character and/or party advancement, the inventory system, and any other significant features, such as magic, or video-game specific concepts as sub-headings. The section should also detail any classes or character types used by the video game in question.

Story[edit source]

This section should outline a basic overview of the story, but it should not divulge the ending of the story or any significant plot elements. This can be used in a sub-article of the article under /Story, and can also be linked to using the See also template.

Digital availability[edit source]

This section should be included only if the video game is or was offered online via a digital distribution platform. It should detail how the video game was made available digitally, and should include both past and current availability, including history of removal from digital stores if applicable.

Optional Sections[edit source]

Development[edit source]

This section should describe detailed information about the video game's development, especially if there were any notable problems or issues that became known during development.

Reception[edit source]

This section, if included, should outline how the video game was received by both reviewers and aggregates. Optionally, this section can call Template:Reception for a full list of review scores to be filled out.

Criticism[edit source]

This section, if included, should outline if any notable criticism was aimed at the developer(s) or publisher(s) of the video games in respect to the video game in question, including but not limited to,