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Codex Gamicus:Game Index/Wi

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Image Name Year(s) Category Developer(s) Publisher(s) Platform(s)
75px Widelands Video Game [[The Widelands Development Team]] [[Linux]], [[BSD]], [[Mac OS X]], [[Microsoft Windows]]
Widget NES.jpg Widget 1990 Video Game Atlus Zodiac Entertainment Nintendo Entertainment System
75px Wiggins in Storyland Video Game Virgin Sound and Vision [[Microsoft DOS and Windows]]
Wii (series) Series Nintendo Wii
Wii Fit PAL boxart.jpg Wii Fit 2008 Video Game Nintendo EAD Nintendo Wii
Wii Fit Plus Video Game Nintendo Nintendo Wii
Wii Fit U Video Game Nintendo Nintendo Wii U
[[File:WiiMusic.jpg|75px]] Wii Music Video Game Nintendo Nintendo Wii
Wii Party Video Game Nintendo Nintendo Wii
Wii Party U 2013 Video Game Nintendo Nintendo Wii U
Front-Cover-Wii-Play-NA-Wii.jpg Wii Play 2006 Video Game Nintendo EAD Group No. 2 Nintendo Wii
Front-Cover-Wii-Sports-EU-Wii.jpg Wii Sports 2006 Video Game Nintendo EAD Nintendo Wii
Front-Cover-Wii-Sports-Club-NA-WiiU.jpg Wii Sports Club 2013 Video Game Namco Bandai, Nintendo EAD Nintendo Wii U
Front-Cover-Wii-Sports-Resort-NA-Wii.jpg Wii Sports Resort 2009 Video Game Nintendo EAD Group No. 2 Nintendo Wii
Wikfableofsouls.jpg Wik and the Fable of Souls 2004 Video Game Reflexive Entertainment Reflexive Entertainment Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360
Wiki Video Game [[Webzen Games Inc.]] [[Webzen Games Inc.]] [[Microsoft Windows]]
User talk:WikiD Video Game [[Midway]] [[Midway Games]] [[Xbox 360]], [[PlayStation 2]], [[PlayStation 3]], [[PlayStation Portable]]
Front-Cover-Wild-ARMs-2-NA-PS1.jpg Wild ARMs 2 2000 Video Game Media.Vision Sony Computer Entertainment PlayStation
Front-Cover-Wild-Arms-XF-EU-PSP.jpg Wild Arms XF 2008 Video Game Media.Vision Sony Computer Entertainment, Xseed Games, 505 Games PlayStation Portable
WildGunmanNES.jpg Wild Gunman 1988 Video Game Nintendo R&D1, Intelligent Systems Nintendo Nintendo Entertainment System
Wild Guns Coverart.jpg Wild Guns Video Game [[Natsume]] [[Natsume
Titus Software]]
[[Super NES
Virtual Console]]
Wild Metal Country cover.jpg Wild Metal Country Video Game [[DMA Design]] [[Gremlin Interactive (Windows)
Rockstar Games (Dreamcast)]]
[[Windows]], [[Dreamcast]]
75px Wildlife Park Video Game [[JoWood Productions
Encore Software Inc.]]
[[Deep Silver]] [[Microsoft Windows]]
75px Wildlife Park 2 Video Game [[Deep Silver]] B-Alive [[Microsoft Windows]]
75px Wildlife Tycoon: Venture Africa Video Game Pocketwatch Games Pocketwatch Games, [[MumboJumbo]] [[Windows]], [[Mac OS X]]
Box-Art-EU-PC-WildStar.jpg WildStar 2014 Video Game Carbine Studios NCsoft Microsoft Windows
WildStar: Reloaded 2015 Video Game Carbine Studios NCsoft
75px Will Rock Video Game [[Saber Interactive]] [[Ubisoft]] [[Microsoft Windows]]
Will: The Death Trap II 1985 Video Game
75px Williams Arcade's Greatest Hits Video Game [[Digital Eclipse]] [[Williams]] [[PlayStation]], [[Sega Genesis]], [[Sega Saturn]], [[Super NES]]
Wagh.jpg Williams' Arcade's Greatest Hits 1996 Video Game Digital Eclipse Williams Genesis, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, PlayStation
WillowNES.jpg Willow 1989 Video Game Capcom Capcom Nintendo Entertainment System
75px Willow (arcade game) Video Game [[Capcom]] [[Capcom]] [[Arcade]]
WinLoseorDrawNES.jpg Win, Lose, or Draw 1990 Video Game RSP Hi Tech Expressions Nintendo Entertainment System
Box-Art-Winback-NA-N64.jpg WinBack 2000 Video Game Omega Force Koei Nintendo 64, PlayStation 2
WinBack 2 Project Poseidon PS2 Box art.jpg WinBack 2: Project Poseidon 2006 Video Game Cavia Koei
[[File:The First Screen you'll see when you start|75px]] Windows Doors Video Game Archawn [[]]
Wing Commander 1990 Video Game Origin Systems Origin Systems DOS, Amiga, Amiga CD32, SEGA CD, Mega CD, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, 3DO Interactive Multiplayer, FM Towns
Wingcommanderarena.jpg Wing Commander Arena 2007 Video Game Gaia Industries Electronic Arts Xbox 360
[[File:250px|75px]] Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger Video Game [[Origin Systems]] [[Origin Systems]] [[MS-DOS]], [[3DO]], [[PlayStation]], [[Mac OS]]
Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom 1996 Video Game Origin Systems Electronic Arts MS-DOS, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, PlayStation
75px Wing Commander: Prophecy Video Game [[Origin Systems
Raylight Studios (GBA)]]
[[Electronic Arts
Destination Software (GBA)]]
[[Windows]], [[Game Boy Advance]]
Wing Island 2007 Video Game Wii
Wing War 1994 Video Game SEGA AM2 SEGA Arcade
75px WingNuts Video Game Freeverse Software Freeverse Software Microsoft Windows, macOS
75px Wings 2: Aces High Video Game [[Namco'"`UNIQ--ref-00000014-QINU`"']] [[Namco (JP)
Namco (NA)
Namco (EU)
[[Super Nintendo Entertainment System'"`UNIQ--ref-00000019-QINU`"']]
Wings of Power II: WWII Fighters 2006 Video Game Shockwave Productions TRI SYNERGY Microsoft Windows
Wings of Power: WWII Heavy Bombers and Jets 2004 Video Game Shockwave Productions, Inc. TRI SYNERGY Microsoft Windows
75px Wings of War Video Game [[Silver Wish Games]] [[Gathering of Developers]] [[Xbox]], [[PC]]
75px Wings Over Europe Video Game [[Third Wire Productions]] [[Destineer / Bold Games]] [[PC (Windows)]]
Wings Over Israel Video Game [[Third Wire Productions]] [[Third Wire Productions]] [[PC (Windows)]]
75px Wings Over Vietnam 2004 Video Game [[Third Wire Productions]] [[Destineer / Bold Games]] [[PC (Windows)]]
Front-Cover-Winky-the-Little-Bear-EU-PS1.jpg Winky the Little Bear 2003 Video Game The Code Monkeys Phoenix Games PlayStation
Box-Art-Winning-Eleven-Pro-Evolution-Soccer-2007-NA-X360.jpg Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer 2007 2006 Video Game Konami Konami Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, Nintendo DS, Xbox 360
Winning Post 7 Maximum 2008 2008 Video Game Koei Koei PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, Wii, Microsoft Windows
Winning Run Video Game [[Namco]] [[Arcade]]
WinningShotPCE.jpg Winning Shot 1989 Video Game Data East NEC PC-Engine
WinterGamesNES.jpg Winter Games 1987 Video Game Epyx Epyx, Acclaim Entertainment Atari 2600, Nintendo Entertainment System
75px Winter Olympics: Lillehammer 94 Video Game [[ID Software/Tiertex]] [[US Gold]] [[PC]], [[Amiga]], [[GG]], [[MD/Gen]], [[Master System]], [[Super NES]]
Front-Cover-Winter-Sports-The-Ultimate-Challenge-DE-PS2.jpg Winter Sports: The Ultimate Challenge 2007 Video Game 49 Games Conspiracy Entertainment, RTL Games Wii, PlayStation 2, Windows
Winterheart's Guild Video Game [[Zelian Games]] [[Microsoft Windows]]
Wipeoutcase.jpg Wipeout 1995 Video Game
Front-Cover-Wipeout-2048-NA-Vita.jpg Wipeout 2048 2012 Video Game Sony Studio Liverpool Sony Computer Entertainment PlayStation Vita
75px Wipeout 2097 Video Game [[Psygnosis]] Psygnosis [[PlayStation]], [[MS-DOS]], [[Windows]], [[Sega Saturn]], [[AmigaOS]], [[Mac OS]]
Wipeout 64 front.jpg Wipeout 64 1999 Video Game Psygnosis Midway Nintendo 64
Wipeout HD 2008 Video Game
Wireless Redstone Mod ali4z Java
Wireless Redstone ChickenBones Edition Addons Mod ChickenBones Java
Wireless Redstone ChickenBones Edition Core Mod ChickenBones Java
Wireless Redstone ChickenBones Edition RedPower2 Addon Mod ChickenBones Java
Wishbone and the Amazing Odyssey 1997 Video Game Palladium Interactive Microsoft Windows
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Complete Edition 2019 Video Game CD Projekt CD Projekt PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
The Witcher: Enhanced Edition - Director's Cut 2007 Video Game CD Projekt Red CD Projekt Red, 1C-SoftClub Microsoft Windows, macOS
Witches Video Game Revistronic TBA [[Xbox 360]], [[PlayStation 3]], [[Microsoft Windows]]
WithoutWarning.jpg Without Warning 2005 Video Game Circle Studio Capcom
75px Wits and Wagers Video Game Hidden Path Entertainment [[Microsoft Game Studios]] [[Xbox 360 (XBLA)]]
WizardofWor2600.jpg Wizard of Wor 1981 Video Game Midway Games Midway, CBS Electronics Arcade, Atari 2600, Bally Astrocade, Atari 5200
Wizard's Climber title.jpg Wizard's Climber 2008 Video Game Softhouse Chara Softhouse Chara Microsoft Windows
Wizard101 2008 Video Game KingsIsle Entertainment KingsIsle Entertainment Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X
75px Wizardry Video Game [[Sir-Tech]] [[Sir-Tech]]
75px Wizardry 8 Video Game [[Sir-Tech]] [[Sir-Tech]] [[Microsoft Windows]]
WizardryIINES.jpg Wizardry II: The Knight of Diamonds 1991 Video Game Sir-tech Software Sir-tech Software, ASCIIware Apple II, Commodore 64, Nintendo Entertainment System, NEC PC-9801
75px Wizardry V: Heart of the Maelstrom Video Game [[Sir-tech Software, Inc.]] [[Sir-tech Software, Inc.]] [[Apple II]], [[Commodore 64]], [[SNES]], [[Satellaview]], [[PC booter]], [[NEC PC-9801]]
75px Wizardry VI: Bane of the Cosmic Forge Video Game [[Sir-tech Software, Inc.]] [[Sir-tech Software, Inc. (Amiga]], [[DOS)
[[Amiga]], [[DOS]], [[Super NES]], [[Macintosh]]
75px Wizardry VII: Crusaders of the Dark Savant Video Game [[Sir-tech Software, Inc.]] [[Sir-tech Software, Inc.]] [[MS-DOS]], [[Windows 95]], [[PlayStation]], [[Mac OS]]
WizardryNES.jpg Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord 1992 Video Game Sir-tech Software Sir-tech Software, Nexoft Corporation, ASCIIware Apple II, Commodore 64, MSX-2, Nintendo Entertainment System, TurboGrafx CD
WizardsAndWarriorsNES.jpg Wizards & Warriors 1990 Video Game Rare Acclaim Entertainment Nintendo Entertainment System
75px Wizards & Warriors (2000) Video Game [[Heuristic Park]] [[Activision]] [[Microsoft Windows]]
WizardsAndWarriorsIIINES.jpg Wizards & Warriors III 1993 Video Game Zippo Games Acclaim Entertainment Nintendo Entertainment System