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Some page titles are not possible because of limitations imposed by the MediaWiki software. In some cases, a template can be added to the article to cause the title header to be displayed as desired, although links to the article must use the true (concealed) page name. In other cases it is necessary to adopt and display a different title.

There are several reasons why technical restrictions may alter an article title:

  1. Some symbols are reserved by MediaWiki, because they would conflict with markup syntax. # and [ are examples.
  2. Occasionally, two or more games have precisely the same title. Codex Gamicus therefore adds differentiations in parentheses. These extra characters are not part of the official game name, so we include the technical restriction tag (Template:Wrongtitle) to make that clear. One example is the name "Castlevania", which can refer to an NES game or a Nintendo 64 game. We add "(64)" to the latter so that you can tell the difference, but "(64)" is not part of the official title.
  3. When an article title contains a colon (:), the text before the colon cannot be the same as the short title of any Wiki wiki, present or future, including this one. The software interprets such titles as interwiki links; the article becomes inaccessible as soon as it is created.
Deprecated usage
  • + and & were previously reserved symbols, but are not so anymore.
  • A lowercase first letter was previously a restriction, but can now be fixed via the {{DISPLAYTITLE:}} function. See e-Reader for an example.