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A collectible card game (or CCG) is a genre of card games played with collectible trading cards, also sometimes called a trading card game (TCG).

A CCG consists of two parts, rules and cards. The rules state how the game is to be played, with basic mechanics laid out, somewhat similarly to the dungeon master's role in Dungeons & Dragons-style pen-and-paper games. Rules are usually set forth by the card manufacturer, forming a complete package for the hapless consumer.

Cards, the size of ordinary baseball cards, typically fall into different categories like creatures, abilities, resources, and special events. Manufacturer or custom rules usually limit a player to a deck of a certain size, which is shuffled before the game. The game begins when each player (though optimum for one-on-one, some rules accommodate for play with multiple people at once) draws a hand from his deck. Each player's turn sees that player draw a new card, lay a card down into his playing field, and use the effects of other cards in his playing fields, although any of these standards can be, and often are, altered through special event cards (e.g. "trade hands with your opponent").

Cards are purchased at retail in two ways, in Starter Decks (which are more expensive and come with more cards, rulebooks, and other materials for play), and Booster Packs (which are small, less expensive packs of cards). "Boosters" are a big money-maker due to the randomization of cards; some cards are distinctly better than others, and by manufacturing less of these cards, differences in card quality and rarity encourage players to keep spending until they get the card they need to win. This system is frowned upon by many as it favors whoever has the most money, not necessarily whoever has the most skill. Some parent associations have also said that this rarity gimmick is gambling and should be illegalized.

Popular CCGs (or TCGs) include Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, Duel Masters, Kaijudo(Duel Masters Relaunch), Naruto CCG, Legend of the Five Rings SCG, Cardfight Vanguard, World of Warcraft Trading Card Game, and the Pokémon Trading Card Game. Wizards of the Coast is a very popular and widely recognized maker of CCGs. The're other companies though not as popular such as Bushiroad which also makes different card games. Konami a video game company who's only Card Game product is Yu-Gi-Oh.